Can Ceramic Plates Go In The Oven

Updated on March 9, 2023

As our lives are becoming busy with each passing day we look for the items that are quick and save time. You must be aware of the fact how much we depend on ovens to cook or bake food in our daily lives. But using an oven can sometimes become a headache if you put the wrong cookware in the oven. It not only destroys your cooking utensil but also affects the working of the oven. Are you someone who has ceramic plates in their home and wondering if ceramic plates go in the oven then keep on reading this article.

Can Ceramic Plates Go In The Oven?

The ceramic plates look really elegant but can break into pieces pretty easily. They need special care so you must be hesitating whether you should put your ceramic plates in the oven or not. Well, the ceramic plate breakability depends upon its glaze coating.

We see that people often put ceramic plates in the oven without giving it a second thought that not all ceramic plates are manufactured to resist heat. Now you may ask how to know whether the ceramic plate that you have in your house or you are buying is oven-safe or not. You can use these two simple tips and tricks to be sure if it’s oven-safe or not

  • If you haven’t bought a ceramic plate yet the best way is to look for an oven sign on the plate. If it’s there that means it has the heat resisting ability.
  • The second is the thickness of the plate. The thicker the plate is, the more heat it can resist.

Recommendations and Safety Measures

  • The thickness of the material helps in bearing high oven temperature without cracking or shattering into pieces because of heat.
  • Additionally, never put a ceramic plate with any silver, gold, or metal outline on it as the risks associated with it are very high.
  • Never use a glazed ceramic plate in a high-temperature the oven
  • Always preheat your oven as a sudden change in the ceramic plate temperature will result in breaking the plate. Therefore, the best way to keep the ceramic plate safe is to heat it gradually, not at once.
  • Never put your oven on high heat from the start while using a ceramic plate. Change the temperature gradually if needed.
  • Avoid putting cold food on a hot plate or contrariwise because the thermal shock can shatter the plate.

Final Thoughts

Buying and using proper utensils are necessary to keep your oven and cooking wares in good shape. Your confusion must have been settled till now about whether ceramic plates can go in the oven or not. The ceramic plates can be a little tricky to be used to cook food in the oven but you can look for the following properties to be sure which ceramic plate is oven-safe

  • Look for an oven-safe label on the plate
  • Always buy a thick ceramic plate
  • While using a ceramic plate increases the temperature of the oven gradually

You can confidently rely on these tips and recommendations to use ceramic plates in the oven. I hope you find the content of our article helpful and that it has cleared all your confusion about using ceramic plates in the oven. So if you got a ceramic plate that passes the recommended criteria then you can undoubtedly put it in the oven and cook delicious food for yourself and your family.

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