Can Le Creuset Cookware Go In The Microwave?

Updated on March 9, 2023

Are you thinking of investing your money in Le Creuset cookware but not sure if they are microwave-safe or not? Don’t worry because the following guide contains all information about Le Creuset cookware and if these cooking essentials go in the microwave. Let us find out more about Le Creuset cookware and its features.

For those who don’t know much about Le Creuset, it is a French-Belgian cookware company. In addition, its most popular quality is that its kitchen essentials are designed to tolerate higher temperatures compared to regular cookware. Now the question is if it is safe to put its cookware in the microwave. Well, let’s find out the answer to your question.

Can Le Creuset Cookware Go In The Microwave?

You can put Le Creuset in the microwave. Though they are made at high temperatures, you still have to be careful about the overheating of their handles. They can go in the microwave, but their handles can get overheated and result in an incident because these cookwares have plastic handles that overheat when put into a higher temperature area. In short, you need to avoid using the cookware for a long time in the microwave because it can crack or get overheated.

How To Tell If Le Creuset Cookware Is microwave-safe?

Do you already own cookware set from Le Creuset and don’t know if it is microwave-safe or not? Don’t worry, because you can check your cookware and find if it is microwave-safe or not. The following are the few ways that will help you know if you can put your cookware set in a microwave or not.

Heat Test

The most necessary thing to check the heat tolerance of your cookware is to conduct a heat test. You can perform this test by putting your cookware in the microwave for a few seconds. After microwaving, check the cookware if it is overheated or not. If your cookware is overheated, it is not microwave-safe. Therefore, I recommend you avoid putting the cookware in the microwave. In case it is not overheated, it means that your cookware is microwave-safe.

Take Help From The Website

Are you unable to find the microwave-safe label on your cookware and perform a heat test? Don’t worry because you can check the company’s official website and find your cookware set from the list of products. The website contains all details about each product and will make it easy for you to see if your product is microwave-safe or not.

Take Help From The Company’s Representative

If you can not find the microwave-safe label or conduct the heat test, you should contact the company’s representative. It is better to accept help from their representative than from the internet because they can guide you better. Being a representative of Le Creuset, they have more knowledge than others. They will help you better to find if you can put your cookware set in the microwave.


The above guide contains all relevant information about Le Creuset cookware sets and if they are safe to put in a microwave. These cookware sets have higher temperature tolerance ability than local cookware sets. Though these cookwares are durable, they sometimes fail to work fine in the microwave because they have plastic handles that sometimes get overheated when put in a microwave for a long time.

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