Can You Heat Up Guacamole

Updated on March 6, 2023

Midnight munchings never leave you alone and finding your favorite guacamole from the fridge that you saved for later use is the best feeling in the world. But then a number of questions strike: how to bring this cold guacamole to room temperature, can I heat up guacamole? If yes, should I heat it up on a stove or microwave it? Well, don’t worry as I am here to answer all the questions that are bombarding your mind right now.

Can You Heat Up Guacamole

First of all, The answer to your very first question is “Yes”, you can heat up the guacamole. But keep in mind that heating the guacamole is a little bit tricky. Now the answer to the second question, you should heat it in the microwave as this is the simplest and quickest way. There are a few factors that you should ponder before you microwave the guacamole. Like the quantity of the guacamole, the microwave’s heating strength, etc.

Quantity of Guacamole and Power of Microwave

You should consider the quantity of guacamole and then microwave it accordingly. If the quantity is less and the timing is 1 to 2 minutes then you will see the splashes of guacamole spreading on the walls of the microwave. Secondly, see how well your microwave works. If it warms up the food in 30 seconds unlike traditional microwaves then set the timing accordingly.

Proper Way of Heating Guacamole

Heating the guacamole directly on the stove or directly in the microwave without the cover can affect the taste of this delicious dip. So whenever you wanna warm it up make sure that you heat it properly and never place the heated leftover guacamole in the fridge as this can also affect its taste. Always spoon out the guacamole as much as you want and not more than that so you get the best taste out of the remaining guacamole whenever you heat it next time.

The best way to microwave the guacamole is to take it out on a plate and then place it in and cover it with the splatter cover. This cover prevents the splashes of food on the walls of the microwave. If you don’t have one then search it on amazon, they are primarily cheap but the prices of environmentally friendly and health-friendly ones are a little higher.

Reheating Guacamole

Many questions are asked about reheating the guacamole so I decided to quote this in my article. Yes, it is safe to reheat it. But keep in mind that its taste and texture will be affected every time you reheat it. The best way to get the authentic taste of guacamole is that you heat it only once.

Increase the Life of Guacamole

We all know that placing it in the fridge is the only option to increase its life, but if you do it properly its average lifespan can also be increased. Firstly place the guacamole in the air-tight container then cover it with foil or plastic wrap and place it in the fridge. By doing so you can eat this guacamole for the next 4 to 5 days without any compromise on its taste. If you do not place it properly the taste will be affected.

Time to dispose of Guacamole

If you see that guacamole is turning brown it’s time to dispose of it off. Even if it has started to turn brown from the very edge of the plate, it’s still a sign that your guacamole now belongs in the dustbin. Secondly, when you taste the guacamole and it doesn’t taste fresh anymore even if you made it one day ago, do not compromise on your health and throw it right away.


I hope you found everything you needed to know about heating up guacamole. Also, never heat the guacamole directly on the stove, and never heat it in the microwave without a microwave splatter cover. If you want more lowdown like this then stay tuned till then hasta la vista.

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