Does Arby’s Jamocha Shake Have Coffee In It?

Updated on March 6, 2023

All the coffee lovers out there might have had Arby’s Jamocha shake multiple times before or after their work calls. This might be a go-to drink for all the coffee addicts that want to have caffeine but in moderation. Although people have this shake on a daily basis, they are unaware of the main ingredients. I have written a brief article below with the key ingredients that make the Jamocha Shake. Read the article thoroughly to know the amount of caffeine and sugar in this cold beverage.

Does Arby’s Jamocha Shake Have Coffee In It?

If you are a coffee lover but want to manage your caffeine intake, then Arby’s Jamocha shake is the best option for you. It can be your go-to drink before heading to work every morning. The Arby’s Jamocha shake has instant coffee along with sugar in it as the main ingredient. This cold beverage has a very low amount of coffee in it so you do not have to worry about too much caffeine intake.

You can get three sizes of Arby’s Jamocha shake according to your personal taste and liking. The small cup has 12 fluid ounces of shake while the large cup has 22 fluid ounces of shake. You will have almost 12 mg of coffee if you buy a medium cup of the shake having 16 fluid ounces. This amount is relatively low as Arby’s uses instant coffee in this drink.

You do not have to worry about the caffeine intake as this shake is a combination of chocolate and instant coffee which does not contribute much. This drink is not healthy because it has too much sugar content but less amount of coffee. The medium cup of Arby’s Jamocha shake has almost 60 grams of sugar which is way too much to consume every day. Your body gets sugar from other sources too so should avoid having this shake every day.

When compared with other beverages from different companies, the amount of caffeine is relatively lower in Arby’s Jamocha shake. If you purchase 16 fluid ounces of mocha from McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts, you will consume 250 mg and 237 mg of caffeine which is way higher than the Jamocha shake. Hence the amount of caffeine is lower in this shake than in other companies.

You should not consume Arby’s Jamocha shake every day but this can be a great coffee beverage to give you energy and strength on the days when you need some extra strength and energy. The combination of chocolate and coffee can soothe your mind after a long and tiring day at work. Moreover, coffee can stimulate your mind and lower your blood pressure too. You can enjoy Arby’s Jamocha shake on alternate days with your friends or family.


A brief article on the main ingredients of Arby’s Jamocha shake is written above for your knowledge. Although this coffee beverage does not have enough caffeine, it is high in sugar which can be extremely unhealthy if consumed daily. If you like the combination of coffee and chocolate together, then this drink can be your favorite. I hope that after reading the article, you know the amount of coffee in the Jamocha shake.

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