Does Jarritos Have Caffeine

Updated on March 6, 2023

Jarritos is a famous soft drink brand in Mexico. You can enjoy many different flavors of fruit sodas with jarritos. Are you someone who’s in love with the jarritos fruit sodas? You should be thinking about what is so special about these drinks. If you want to know if jarritos have caffeine then this article is for you. Keep on reading this article to solve all your queries related to jarritos.

Does Jarritos Have Caffeine?

Whenever we try something good we always get curious about its ingredients, don’t we? Do you want to know what ingredients they use in their sodas? You must be wondering if jarritos have caffeine in their famous fruit sodas, right?

Most commonly their carbonated soft drinks use natural sugar as a sweetener with natural and artificial fruit flavors. Moreover, their soft drinks do not contain any caffeine but not all of their drinks are caffeine free. Keep reading to know which jarritos drinks are caffeine free and which drinks contain caffeine in them.

Jarritos Caffeine

Not all fruit-flavored sodas by Jarritos contain caffeine. They do sell caffeine-free drinks so it depends upon your preference and what flavor you are choosing to take a sip. Furthermore, even if a drink contains caffeine it is used in very small amounts. You can say the jarritos drinks are almost caffeine free.

They have over ten fruit flavors and all of them are caffeine free except their Mexican cola. It is the only jarritos drink that has caffeine. Each bottle of jarritos Mexican cola has about 32 mg of caffeine in it. All other flavors like mango, pineapple, watermelon, fruit punch, grapefruit, etc. have comparatively no caffeine at all. So we can say all the fruit sodas are caffeine free.

Jarritos Mexican Cola

The only jarritos drink that has caffeine in it is their Mexican cola. It has a moderate amount of caffeine in it. Jarritos prefer not to add any caffeine to fruit sodas and keep them caffeine free. The jarritos Mexican cola contains almost as much caffeine as other beverages available in the market.

However, the amount of caffeine that is added to a drink is kept according to the recommended caffeine level by Healthline. According to professionals, you can intake about 200-400 mg of caffeine in a day. A single serving of jarritos Mexican cola contains about 32 mg of caffeine. So you are good even if you take more than a single serving of Mexican cola. Keep in that to keep your caffeine intake within the limit.

You will be surprised to hear that the caffeine amount in jarritos Mexican cola is still less than the beverages available in the market for the same serving size. Comparing the caffeine content of all the beverages with jarritos Mexican cola I found out it has the lowest caffeine that is about 32 mg and the highest caffeine amount 136 mg is present in a cup of coffee.


How much caffeine is in Jarritos?

The caffeine content in jarritos drinks is either 20 mg in 8 ounces or 32mg in 12.5 ounces of the drink.

Does Mandarin Jarritos have caffeine?

The Mandarin Jarritos is an orange fruit soda by the Jarritos. You can enjoy this fresh fruit drink that has all-natural ingredients with no caffeine content.

Is there caffeine in Jarritos pineapple?

The Jarritos pineapple is also a fruit soda that contains carbonated water, sugar, and natural and artificial flavors with no caffeine at all.

Is jarritos healthier than Coke?

The health factor of the drinks depends on their sugar and how many calories it contains per bottle. The jarritos soda and coke are almost alike. The only difference is that jarritos drinks contain real sugar whereas coke is made from high fructose corn syrup.


Jarritos is a famous soft drink Mexican brand. You can enjoy up to nine different fruit-flavored drinks including mango, orange, grapefruit, watermelon, lemon, etc. to freshen yourself. Jarritos drinks are no less than a treat on a hot summer day. All the jarritos drinks are caffeine free except its Mexican cola. So you can grab any of your favorite fruit soda any day without any worries. I hope you find the content of our article helpful. Go and quench your thirst with jarritos.

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