Does Mcdonalds Have Lemonade

Updated on March 6, 2023

Mcdonald’s is one of the most famous fast-food restaurants in the world. Whenever you want a meal quickly, the first thing that crosses your mind is Mcdonald’s. You can grab your favorite fast food from here. You must have seen cold drinks on the McDonald’s menu so if you are wondering if McDonald’s has lemonade in their food chain then continue reading this article.

Undoubtedly, no matter where you are you can find a McDonald’s chain near you. On a scorching hot summer day, everyone thinks of grabbing a chilled lemonade glass to quench their thirst. Without any further due let’s dig in more to know whether your favorite Mcdonald’s has lemonade.

Does Mcdonald’s Have Lemonade?

Gladly, by looking at the menu of Mcdonald’s I found out they do sell lemonade. After visiting as many McDonald’s branches as possible, I found out that they have lemonade at most locations. The most exciting thing is that they have flavored lemonade too. Lemonades are very refreshing and who would ask for more if you can get it from your favorite place?

McDonald’s Lemonade

If you are a resident of a hot region then you must know how energetic and refreshing lemonade is. Keeping in mind people’s love for lemonade McDonald’s launched its lemonade beverages. It is a perfect summer drink and who would refuse to enjoy it from their favorite food chain?

In the McDonald’s menu beverages section, you will find very few options for lemonade. You can either choose a minute maid lemonade, pink lemonade, or McCafe frozen strawberry lemonade. McDonald’s strawberry lemonade is quite famous because it is rich in flavor and more delightful.

McDonald’s Classic Lemonade

You will be pleased to hear that you can now enjoy a traditional classic lemonade at McDonald’s. The McCafe classic lemonade is a treat on a hot summer day. Grab a chilled lemonade prepared from freshly cut lemons and sweeteners. It has a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors.

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

If you want to give your tastebuds something richer in flavors then a McCafe strawberry lemonade won’t disappoint you. It is as refreshing as their classic lemonade but it has more calories. The strawberry lemonade is made from strawberry tart to give it a rich sweet strawberry flavor and a little sour lemon taste. This lemonade is a perfect addition to their menu for summer beverages.

Pink Lemonade

The drink is as unique as its name. McDonald’s pink lemonade slushie is a perfect eye-appealing and mouth-watering drink. Most of the ingredients of this drink are artificial flavors and sugar syrups mixed with lemon juice. It is similar to their other summer beverages e-g fruit punch and blue raspberry.

Benefits of Having Lemonade In Summers

  • Lemonades are a very refreshing and energizing drink, especially in the summer. Our bodies get dehydrated quickly in summer and there is nothing better than having a glass of lemonade to hydrate yourself.
  • The minerals and water you lose from your body in summer can make you feel low on energy and nothing beats lemonade in making you feel energized again. It is a rich and quick energy source as it maintains blood sugar levels.
  • It is rich in vitamin C which is an excellent antioxidant and strengthens your immune system


Does McDonald’s have frozen lemonade?

Yes, McDonald’s has frozen lemonade. You can enjoy a frozen lemonade in almost every location of their restaurants.

Is McDonald’s frozen strawberry lemonade good?

The strawberry lemonade is very different in taste and refreshing. If you want to enjoy an energizing drink with rich flavors, give yourself a treat with frozen strawberry lemonade.

Is Minute Maid Lemonade healthy?

Considering the calories in a glass of lemonade we can not say it’s healthy but it does have health benefits like strengthening the immune system, maintaining blood sugar levels, and providing energy to the body.


Keeping yourself hydrated in summer is a big challenge especially when your exposure to the direct sun is more than any other individual. Trust me nothing beats the heat better than a chilled lemonade glass. You can grab your favorite lemonade from McDonald’s as well. You get three lemonade options at McDonald’s:

  • McCafe Classic Lemonade
  • McCafe Frozen Strawberry
  • McDonald’s Pink Lemonade

So quench your thirst with these tasty lemonade flavors. If you want a drink with a perfect blend of sweet and sour then without any second thought try McDonald’s classic lemonade. Moreover, if you want to try something new with rich fruit flavor then a strawberry or pink lemonade will fully satisfy you. I hope you enjoyed reading our article.

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