How Close Can A Gas Range Be to A Wall

Updated on March 13, 2023

How Close Can A Gas Range Be to A Wall

When you’ve just moved into a new home, you’re likely to wonder how close you can put a gas range to the wall. How much counter space is needed between the gas stove and the wall socket? If you finish reading this guide, you’ll get a terrific answer.

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Important Considerations For Range Placement

Your kitchen appliances and the walls they adorn are significant considerations when you’re redesigning the kitchen, so be sure to keep that in mind. This complicates things a little when it comes to range style.

Back Wall Gap

Having a space between your gas line and the slide-in gas electric range is essential. The electric range’s back end will be attached to the ground (and occasionally the wall) via a line. There is a two-inch gap necessary to use the connection at the other end of the spectrum.

No matter how you install an electric range, you’ll still have to leave a two-inch space between the rear wall and the appliance. Ventilation is provided by the absence of a gas line hookup in this case.

If you have a freestanding gas or electric range, you should try to get it as close to the wall as possible. You can get away with minimal spacing requirements since they are better at removing heat and don’t have protruding gas line straps. With a space between the back wall and the wall socket, these gas stoves come with power cables that may be connected to the outlet.

Sidewall Gap

If you’ve followed our advice in this article, you should have at least twelve inches of counter space between your range and the nearest sidewall. Because of all the heat coming out of the stove, this is the problem. If they’re close to a wall, a gas range fire or the intense heat from an electric coil may be a serious concern.

Furthermore, having this gap would be beneficial since it would prevent dirt stalks from forming on the walls. The extra room will also allow for a lot more homework and a lot more storage space for culinary supplies.

How Much Space Should There Be Between The Range And Wall?

In the event that you’ve never done a kitchen makeover, you may not have given much thought to appliance placement. Choosing the best location for everyone’s setup is critical, both in terms of distance and security.

The placement of the range, particularly if it is installed along a side wall, should be taken into consideration when you narrow down prospective new kitchen floor designs. Does the distance between wall mounted microwaves and the side of a microwave oven have to be exactly that? We’ve done some research to help you figure out where to put your stove in your kitchen.

Drop-in or slide-in ranges (gas or electric) should have a two-inch clearance from the back. A gas or electric freestanding stove requires no counter space between the range and the back. The distance between a fashion range and the next sidewall should be at least twelve inches.

When it comes to the distance between the kitchen range and bordering walls, there are many more aspects to consider. In this piece, we’ve summarised our results from a variety of expert sources on gas ranges.

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