How Hot Must Food Be Kept On A Steam Table

Updated on March 6, 2023

Everyone who is linked to restaurants, cafes, or hotels in any way surely knows about the steam tables. The steam tables are a fantastic appliance for a large gathering. If you don’t want to go through the embarrassment of serving cold food to your guests then a steam table could be a lifesaver. Read ahead to know how hot must food be kept on a steam table.

How Hot Must Food Be Kept On A Steam Table?

Managing a big gathering or throwing a big party comes with a lot of hassle. This is why many catering companies prefer using a steam table to keep the food hot for the guests while they are self-serve. So if you are curious to know how hot must food be kept on a steam table read the article below.

What Temperature Is Ideal For The Steam Table To Keep The Food Hot

Keeping the cooked food hot for a longer time caterers prefer using a steam table instead of taking cold food inside again to heat it and serve it to guests. It eases the task tenfold and also creates less mess. The ideal temperature for a steam table is 60°C. It is perfect to keep the food hot for a longer period.

Your guests will never complain about food being too hot or too chill if you have already maintained the temperature of the steam table at 60°C. Although few food exceptions should be served searing hot so that you can increase the temperature from normal 60°C to 63°C.

How Long Does Food Stays Hot On A Steam Table

Believe me or not if you own a steam table most of the worries about big gatherings would be gone. It can keep the food hot for three to four hours or even more, isn’t it amazing? A steam table will spread the heat evenly which keeps the food hot as well as safe from microbial attacks.

How Steam Table Works

The working principle of a steam table is not hard to understand. It uses water that keeps the food hot. The steam produced from water spreads evenly throughout the table surface and keeps everything hot. The temperature of the steam and the level of water in the table can be controlled using a monitor.

An Amazing Fact About Steam Table

If you are throwing a party or arranging a big event like a birthday, wedding, or any other social gathering people will talk about the food even after leaving the event, right? Serving food properly is as important as cooking tasty meals for the guests. Steam tables have taken hosting the guests to another level. People usually think of it as some heating device that keeps the food hot but this is not true. You will be amazed to hear that you can also use a steam table to keep the edible chilled.

You will serve some drinks and juices, and any event is incomplete without ice cream. So if you are wondering how hotels manage that well you can use a steam table for this purpose too. All it requires is a shift of temperature to 4°C instead of 60°C. This temperature is good to keep the food chilled for hours.


What temperature does hot food need to be kept at?

Whether you are using a steam table or not the ideal temperature to keep the food hot is 135°F or 60°C.

How do you keep food warm on a steam table?

A steam table uses water to conserve and spread heat evenly to the food items. This keeps the food hot for hours.

How long can you hold hot food on a steam table?

You can keep the food for about two to four hours on a steam table. The steam table will not only keep it hot but also protects it from the growth of microbes.


Undoubtedly, food is one thing in the world that makes people happy. If your work is related to hosting big gatherings and you want your guests to leave happily and enjoy the delicious food served to them? Nothing will be more convenient than a steam table. The ideal temperature to keep the food hot in a steam table is 60°C or above. No doubt, controlling and monitoring temperature in a steam table is a little difficult but you can take help from this article. Thank you for reading.

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