How Long Does Reddi Whip Last After Opening?

Updated on March 6, 2023

How Long Does Reddi Whip Last After Opening?

Reddi whipping cream can last for 3 months after opening its seal. For extending the lifespan of your Reddi whip, make sure to cover its opening with the cap completely before freezing. Furthermore, this whipping cream is highly convenient to use and has an extended shelf-life as compared to homemade whipping cream. While talking about the expiry date, it only informs you how long the quality of the cream is maintained.

Moreover, it is advised to use the Reddi whip within 2-3 days after the expiry date. If the time period extends the labeled date then make sure to have a taste test before using it for decorating your cupcakes, and pies or for topping any fruit custard. If you want to further extend the shelf life of your whipping cream, divide it into various portions and freeze it in the freezer. You can apply the same storing method for homemade whipping cream for maintaining its quality and use it for a longer time period.

Signs Of Bad Whipping Cream

You can store whipping cream for 3-4 months easily. However, the lifespan of various types of whipping creams depends on the processing methods, the type of cream used, its exposure to heat or light, or the packaging date. The first sign of spoiled whipping cream is the change in its consistency. It becomes watery and converts into a state of cracked solids. The taste of the cream gets sour. However, there are certain health risks that are associated with spoiled whipping cream. Therefore, it is advised to use it before the expiry date.

Ways To Store Whipping Cream

All the whipping creams either homemade ones or aerosol whipping cream, need refrigeration. The rule of thumb is to tightly cover the nozzle with the cap or with plastic wrap and seal all of them properly in order to extend their shelf-life. Homemade whipping cream starts to separate and lose its consistency quickly. One of the most common methods of storing whipping cream is to store it on a mesh strainer. In this way the excess water will be removed, leaving behind high-quality whipping cream.

While talking about Reddi whipping cream, the best way is to cover it with a cap and then freeze it. For defrosting, you have to rinse it thoroughly with warm water for a few minutes and then dry the can. In this way, you can safely use your whipping cream. This method is also very beneficial as it prevents the growth of microbes and also protects the nozzle from being clogged. However, for many aerosol whipping cream products, freezing is not a suitable option for extending their shelf-life. In such a case, divide the cream into portions and then freeze them.


How long does aerosol Reddi whip last after opening?

Reddi whip maintains its quality and taste for a few weeks after opening. However, to extend the lifespan of this whipping cream, divide them into portions and then freeze them.

Can aerosol whipping cream go bad?

After opening, these whipping creams can last for a couple of months if covered and sealed properly with the cap and stored in the fridge. However, if not cared for properly, aerosol cream can also go bad by losing its taste, color, and consistency.

Does aerosol cream need to be refrigerated?

All sorts of whipping creams need refrigeration for maintaining their quality, taste, color, and consistency. Furthermore, aerosol whipping cream also needs to be refrigerated if you want to use it for a longer time period.


Reddi whip can last for a few months after opening if properly sealed and stored in the fridge. This whipping cream is easy to use and has a longer lifespan compared to homemade whipping cream. However, if not cared for properly, Reddi whipping cream can go bad by losing its consistency, taste, and color. Therefore, all sorts of whipping cream need refrigeration for extending their lifespan and maintaining their quality.

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