How Much Does it Cost to Run a Mini Fridge?

Updated on March 13, 2023

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Mini Fridge?

Most micro fridges cost less than $50 a year to operate in the average household. In fact, if you buy an energy-efficient small fridge, you may expect to pay between $20 and $30 a year in utility costs.

It all comes down to how much electricity a tiny fridge uses. Factors such as the refrigerator’s size and features may affect how much electricity it uses, but you can control a large portion of the cost.


When it comes to running expenses, buying the correct refrigerator size is the most critical decision. In general, the bigger the fridge, the more costly it is to operate.

Consider the purpose for which you’ll be using a tiny fridge before purchasing one that’s the right size. Does it make any sense to stock the basement with a few extra beverages? Is it possible that you need a bigger refrigerator for a range of foods?

Energy Star Mini Fridges

Mini fridges with the Energy Star label are also a good option. Only mini fridges that have been tested and verified to save you money over time are granted this stamp of approval from the EPA. Energy Star micro refrigerators are available in a range of sizes and styles. You can get Energy Star micro fridges with fewer than 5 cubic feet of storage capacity online. Dorm rooms and basements are popular places to find these “genuine” small fridge sizes. You can get up to 19 cubic feet of storage capacity in Energy Star small fridges, so shop around. Refrigerators with a little extra storage space are prevalent in smaller dwellings.

Additional Ways to Cut Costs

Do you have your refrigerator set to the lowest temperature possible? Your products will stay cooler for longer if you put in more effort. Consider turning the temperature up a notch or two.
Is it often opened and closed? Consider keeping the door unlocked for a little longer than you really need to. This will have a little impact on the unit’s workload. However, most individuals will not notice much of a change.
Mini-fridges should not be placed near heat sources or congested places where they will have to work harder to keep food cold. Even while mini fridges aren’t huge energy hogs, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to keep your energy expenditures low. To keep prices low, look for Energy Star-rated small fridges of the suitable size.

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