How Much Is an Electric Stove

Updated on March 12, 2023

How Much Is an Electric Stove

Because electric induction cooktops are more costly than gas stoves, electric stoves in Pakistan start at roughly PKR 4,000-7,000. Electric stoves have revolutionized kitchen design and cooking efficiency in this new age of kitchen products. Pakistani electric stoves manufacturers have the greatest alternatives for their consumers to choose from in a variety of colors, patterns, and technologies.

Types of Heating Systems In Electric Stoves

There are a variety of heating systems available for electric stoves. A heating coil is used in electric stoves to turn power into heat. Electric stoves with induction systems rely on the electromagnetic effect, whereas stoves with ceramic tops conceal their induction systems under the surface. For heating, the induction system makes use of very efficient electromagnets.

Features of Electric Stoves

Electric cooking stoves relieve your hectic schedule and enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen at the same time. It has both positive and bad aspects.

  1. When it comes to cleaning, they’re a cinch.
  2. In terms of safety, electric stoves have a few additional minor issues.
  3. In Pakistan, the cost of electric stoves is lower than in other countries.
  4. These stoves cook more slowly.

Best Electric Stoves in Pakistan

  • Homage induction stove (HIC-401)
  • Homage Induction electric stove (HC201)
  • WestPoint Hot Plate electric stove (WF-272)
  • Annex Deluxe electric hot plate stove (AG-3065)
  • Philips Premium Induction cooker (HD4932/00)
  • Geepas Induction Electric stove (GIC33013
  • West Point electric stove (WF-146)

Electric Stoves Price in Pakistan

Electric Cooking Stove Price in Pakistan
Annex Deluxe electric hot plate stove (AG-3065) 5000-8000 PKR
WestPoint Hot Plate electric stove (WF-272) 6000-7000 PKR
Philips Premium Induction cooker (HD4932/00) 100,00-120,00 PKR
Geepas Induction Electric stove (GIC33013) 100,00-120,00 PKR
Homage induction stove (HIC-401) 150,00-160,00 PKR
Homage Induction electric stove (HC201) 160,00-189,90 PKR
West Point electric stove (WF-146) 180,00-200,00 PKR
Gas vs. Electric Stoves: Which is really more efficient?

While preparing a dish like beef Bourguignon or paella, you probably don’t give much care to saving money and energy. However, if you have an energy-efficient stove, you may save money every time you cook one of these dishes or any other.

It’s possible you found the cheapest stove in your local appliance store by price comparison shopping, but it doesn’t tell you how much more money it will cost you in the long term.

Depending on the brand and model, both gas and electric stoves fall into the same price range. According to Consumer Reports, you can expect to pay between $650 and $2,800 for an electric stove and between $800 and $2,300 for a gas stove. While a cheaper electric stove could first seem like a good deal, the expenses of running that stove will quickly mount up as you use it more often.

It is estimated that most Americans already cook on an electric burner, but they may not be taking advantage of the largest energy savings. Learn why switching to gas might save you money on your yearly energy expenses by clicking the following link.

How do they Work?

Because gas stoves consume less energy than electric stoves, you may save money by purchasing gas appliances.

Natural gas enters your stove when you use a gas stove since your house’s main gas supply supplies it. Upon reaching the burner, it is mixed with air in a mixer tube before being released into the atmosphere. The gas-air combination is expelled via the burner’s apertures, mixing with additional air as it does so. A blue flame is produced when the gas-air combination is ignited by the ignition mechanism. The amount of gas that reaches the burner may be precisely controlled by turning the burner control knob. The more gas you release, the higher you crank it.

How Gas and Electric Stoves Get Hot

Pilot lights and electronic ignition systems are used in gas stoves, which have two kinds of ignition systems. There is a steady blue flame near the burner that indicates the presence of a pilot light. It takes a lot more gas to run a pilot light than an electronic ignition system since it’s constantly on. Electronic ignition systems only produce a spark when the burner is turned on, which you may hear as a clicking noise.

Coils on an electric stove’s cooktop include a wire that conducts electricity. As you cook, an internal coil lays under the surface of the stovetop. Heat is generated in the coil of a stove as the dial is rotated. A brilliant orange glow indicates that power is flowing through the cooktop. However, with a gas stove, you have far greater control over how much power goes to the burner and how hot it becomes.

Gas Stoves Are Easy to Use, Too

In terms of convenience of use, gas stoves may be the obvious victor. Despite the fact that electric stoves may heat up faster, gas stoves allow chefs to adjust the degree of heat more rapidly and simply by adjusting the flame. Though you leave a pot on an electric stove burner even after the heat has been turned off, it may continue to cook and ultimately burn, even if you have switched it off.

The price of gas and electric stoves may be comparable, but the average gas stove’s energy efficiency will save users money over time. So, if you’re going green, go ahead and let loose in the kitchen!

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