How to Find Lost Keys

Updated on March 9, 2023

If you look at the list of most lost items, you will find the keys in the top things. Keys often feel like something made to get lost. This happens because of their small size, and anything can hide them. Moreover, if you accidentally throw them under something, it becomes almost impossible to find them. However, there are many ways how to find lost keys.

The first thing is to stay at peace and find the right way to find them. This will not only save you time but also improve your focus. If you don’t know the correct solution to this problem, no worries, I got you covered. In this article, I will share with you the most effective ways to find lost keys. To find the suitable option for you, keep reading.

How to Find Lost Keys?

1. Don’t Panic; just Search

It is essential to stay calm to find anything because it will improve the focus. However, when you lose keys, your first reaction is to panic, which makes the problem worst. This act may feel right but avoid doing this. Instead of getting frustrated, find the keys with the proper focus. This will help you memorize the place where you can keep keys with a more positive outcome.

Moreover, most of the time, a quick double-check can resolve the problem without being mad. According to research by Professor Solomon, you will find most of your lost objects within 18 inches of their assigned place. So a double check without being frustrated can work for you. However, still, this is not recommended to look at the same space multiple times. Instead, try to look place systematically, so you don’t have to check a site twice.

2. Clutter Is The Enemy

At the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, students experimented on the nature of human eyes focus, and its outcome tells that human eyes look at neat things even during the search. You may find keys in a clean place, but a cluttered place can be the right place to check. Also, messy spaces have more chances to have your keys. Even Anna Nowakowska concludes that a person should check cluttered areas as it is somehow apparent to find lost things.

3. Ask Others

Asking others is the most working technique when you want to know how to find lost keys. Sometimes people in your surroundings memorize the details that you forget. Moreover, if someone uses the same keys, maybe he/she has that key at that time. Therefore, whenever you lose keys, try to ask people in your surroundings and search for them. There are more chances that you don’t have to search for keys after taking others’ help.

4. Choose a Dedicated Spot

If you are the one who doesn’t keep things in place; therefore, you lose keys. Most people have no specific location for keys and just put them wherever they want. If this is a habit, be ready to face the hassle of finding the lost key. However, the best solution is that set a dedicated spot for your keys. At first, it may feel challenging, but once you make the habit, there is almost no chance of losing your keys.

5. Use a Keychain

How to find lost keys? After successfully assigning a single spot for your keys, it is recommended to use a keychain as it will almost remove the chance of lost keys. Moreover, a single key is tough to find because of its small size. In contrast, a cluster of keys with a beautiful keychain is relatively easy to spot. Also, using a keychain makes it easy to carry them with a bag. This will make sure that you do not lose keys outside the house.

6. Make Copies

Sometimes you lost the key at the wrong place and left no chance of getting it back. For example, you lost it on a bus, which means you cannot get it back. In this situation, having a backup key can solve the problem. Therefore, make copies of your essential keys and keep them safe so you can use them in the lost case.

7. Use Memory Techniques

No doubt, memory games keep your brain active; however, the correct use of memory games like memory palace can help you to find keys. In this game, create an imaginary home in your mind similar to yours. Now try to recall the spaces and things associated with that space. This way, you can regain the memory of where you placed the keys.

Try to play this game with more focus, as it will clarify things and boost the process. For this, you can imagine keys like a walking human and spot the places where keys can go. Depending on your habits, this can be a dressing table, a dining table, or your shoe rack. This game not only lets you find keys but also polishes your imagination power.

8. Backtrack Your Steps

Mental cues are a powerful tool one can use to find the keys. For this, go back to where you were a few minutes ago. Make sure to follow the steps like a reverse video. Using this reverse technique will take no time to get back your key. However, in this method, go back in order things happened. For example, now you are at the door, but you were in the kitchen, so the back step should be the kitchen.

9. Use Technology

If you don’t want to go through any hassle of using a mind game or backtracking your steps, then use a keychain with location tracking. Now, you can get the keychains with Bluetooth technology that help you to track your keys at any time through your android or iOs. Moreover, you can also call your keys, and the ringtone will tell you the location.

10. Call a Locksmith

In case you don’t have any duplicate key and lost the first one, with no chance of finding it back, call a locksmith. A professional will help you make a new lock or create a duplicate key. Replacing the lock can be a costly option, while getting a new key is an affordable option. This is the final working solution when nothing works for you. I wish you would not touch this level in losing the key.

11. Prevention Is King!

The best thing to do after a mistake is never to repeat it. So if you lose your keys more often, it’s time to repair your habits. Avoid things that result in this problem. If you are bad at keeping things in place, try to practice this habit. Attach a colorful keychain to make them visible. Using any above shared techniques, you can easily avoid losing your keys.


What are the right places to find lost keys?

There is a more chance that you will find the keys around their assigned place, and you need to double-check. If this is not the case, check under paper, inside pockets, drawers, and on a shoe rack. However, the recommended action is not to let it hide under anything and set an assigned slot.

Do car keys have tracking devices?

With new technologies, you can now use your car keys to open the door or even start the car by pressing a button. This raises the question about GPS availability, and the answer is yes, but only you can track the keys or the person you give access to your system. This GPS technology is a beneficial way to find lost keys.

Do key finders work?

Keychain is a small box of magic and the best use of wireless technology. Generally, this product uses radio frequency, and you can easily find it around the house. You can connect it with your android and iOs. The maximum range of a keychain is 100 feet, which works flawlessly in this range.

Can metal detectors find keys?

Yes, you can use it to find your lost keys, as each key has metal as its building material. However, this is not an effective way because, at home, you may have a lot of metal things that distract your focus. Therefore, using a metal detector is just a waste of time.

What does it mean when you keep losing keys?

This is not normal to lose keys daily or frequently, as this can be a sign of bad habits. People who have a habit of keeping things at any place face this problem more often. If this is not the case, losing keys indicate an unstable mind, so go for a check-up.

The Bottom Line

Nothing can make you more frustrated than losing keys; therefore, the best way is to avoid this mistake. If you start keeping your keys at a fixed spot, it will save you a lot of energy and time. However, if you lost your keys, now you know how to find lost keys. Firstly, stay calm and use any of the above-shared tips to find it. I am pretty sure that from this article you will get a suitable option for you. Examine your habits and pick a practical way of finding keys.

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