How To Fix Toilet Flush?

Updated on March 6, 2023

Is your toilet unable to flush? There might be several reasons for this malfunctioning, but don’t worry because the following guide has all the relevant information about fixing a toilet flush. You must know that the toilet’s upper tank is responsible for controlling the flush mechanism. The flush button is also present on the upper tank. Toilets that are in more use are at risk of a malfunctioning flush. Let us find these reasons and solutions for fixing a toilet flush.

A toilet’s flush has two parts. The first part is responsible for filling the upper tank with water up to a certain level. On the other hand, the second part is responsible for the flushing system, mainly comprising the flush button. As stated earlier, several factors can cause this dysfunctioning of your toilet’s flush. Some of these include a faulty flush system, broken handle, low level of water in the tank, and many more.

How To Fix Toilet Flush?

Check The Water Level In The Tank

The most common flush problems are because of the low water level in the toilet’s upper tank. You don’t need to worry about it because I have a solution for you. The first thing you need to do is to check the water level in the tank. It is an easy task because one simply has to uncover the top part of the tank and examine the situation in the tank. If the water level is average, it is clear enough that your flush mechanism has some fault. If the water level is lower than required, the malfunctioning flushing system is because of this fault.

Now the question is, what factors result in the low water level? Well, the answer is simple. This defect occurs due to a faulty cistern inlet valve in the tank. Are you unaware of this term? A cistern inlet valve is an instrument that allows the water to flow into the tank. If there is any fault in this valve, it will fail to let the water flow into the tank. Are you confused if you can repair this valve or not? Well, you can fix this valve by simply changing its seal. In case of a further defect, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Fix A Loose Flush Handle

Another common problem with a toilet flush is its loose handle resulting in the running toilet. It might result due to several reasons, more use of the toilet is one of them. As it is a common problem, you can fix this handle at home in less time. The flush handle is attached to the tank with a mounting nut. You can rotate this mounting nut to tighten the flush handle.

If this procedure does not work, another solution is disconnecting and reconnecting the lifting wires in the tank that help lift the handle up when flushing. If it fails to repair, you can replace the handle with a new one. Most of the time, this problem is usually solved by following the above procedures.

Fix The Flush Mechanism

Last but not least, many malfunctioning toilets flush results in a defective flush mechanism. A flush mechanism plays a significant role in managing different procedures in the toilet tank. Even a minor defect in this system can cause various problems, such as a running toilet, a weak flushing system, and much more. You can solve these problems by repairing the flush mechanism.

You can repair the flush mechanism by closing the water supply valve to avoid water wastage. After stopping the water supply, you need to open the cistern inlet valve’s seal and take the entire valve out of the tank. Now, clean the valve with a clean and wet cloth and remove the dust residue. You can check for any breakage in the valve. If any part of the valve is damaged, replace it with the new one. If not, install it back in its original position.

Reasons For A Faulty Toilet Flush

As stated earlier, several factors can play a significant role in causing the fault in the toilet’s flush. The most common problems and their solutions are presented in the above article. If your toilet still fails to flush properly, I recommend calling a plumber and getting it checked. Some drainage issues and clogged toilets can also be responsible for the defect in the flush mechanism.


How do I fix my toilet flush?

Several factors can cause a fault in a toilet flush. You can find the solutions to the most common problems by reading the above guide. Furthermore, you can repair the damaged parts or replace them.

What are common toilet problems?

A few common toilet problems include a faulty cistern inlet valve, a loose flush handle, a running toilet, a weak flush mechanism, and many more. Though there are many problems, you can solve them by reading the above article.

Why does the flush not work?

If a toilet is not flushing, it indicates a defect in the flush system. You can solve a few of these faults at home, but you might need a plumber for some tasks. You can solve the most common toilet problems at home by examining the various parts of the toilet.

How do you fix a weak or slow flush?

You need to close the water supply valve, open the tank, take the cistern inlet valve out, clean it, and install it back. This process will most probably fix the weak toilet flush.

Why is my flush leaking?

It might be because of several reasons. This leakage can be either because of drainage issues, a blockage, a faulty flush mechanism, or a broken cistern inlet valve in the tank.


The above article will guide you to fix various toilet flush defects. A flush system has significance in a toilet because it is responsible for most tasks. Although it plays a primary role in different parts, it might start having faults at some point. You can fix most of these problems at home in a few minutes. In case of a defect or leakage, I recommend contacting a plumber. The most common issues, such as faulty valve, defect in the flush mechanism, and loose flush handle, have simple and easy solutions that you can perform to save your time and money.

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