How To Freeze Peaches With Fruit Fresh

Updated on March 9, 2023

Peaches are one of the sweet summer fruits but sadly they aren’t available throughout the year. People who love peaches want to restore some so that they could eat them after the summer season as well. Well, the best thing that you could do in order to eat and use peaches during the off-season is to freeze them. Is it ok to freeze peaches for a longer period of time? Does the taste remain the same after preservation?

I know there must be many questions like these regarding storing peaches that must be rolling in your mind. In this article, I will tell you how to freeze peaches with fresh fruit so that you can enjoy the sweet flavor of this fruit anytime you want. Read the article to know the proper instruction for preserving peaches so that you can use them afterward.

How To Freeze Peaches With Fruit Fresh

If you are one out there who likes to eat peaches a lot and wants to freeze them in order to use them later then you are at the perfect site. Usually, people who love the flavor of peaches try to make different recipes by adding peaches to them. It is not necessary that you can use all the peaches at the same time. So, it is best that after using some peaches you can freeze the rest in order to use them later.

You can easily freeze peaches with fresh fruits and can use them later for anything. You can use frozen peaches for making smoothies, jams, crisps, oatmeal, crumbles, and many more. If you have got enough stock then at the same time then you can easily preserve some peaches for further use. Before you could know the ways of freezing peaches you must select the best fruit for freezing.

Selecting The Best Fruit For Freezing

Selection of the best fruit is quite necessary while you are thinking about freezing the peaches. You should freeze the peaches when they’re fully ripped so that they do not decay easily. Well, here are some tips that will surely help you to choose the best peach fruit for freezing. Also, it will help you to keep your fruit fresh so that you can enjoy the same taste afterward.

The first thing while you are thinking about freezing peaches is to make sure that it is fully mature. The mature peach fruit will give the same taste even after a long time of preservation. The peaches that are not fully ripe may decay soon or change their texture and taste. So, in order to maintain the taste, it is important that you choose to freeze the mature peach fruit.

Secondly, it is important that you select the right category of peach fruit to freeze. The sweetest and most juicy form of peach that you can freeze is Clingstone, which remains sweeter and juicier after being frozen. However, it is not easy to slice Clingstone peaches as they are soft and juicy but you can freeze them and get the best taste even after. Also, make sure that you have enough space in your freezer where you freeze 2 to 3 pounds of peaches.

Method Of Freezing Peaches

Well, before you freeze peaches with fresh fruit it is important that you can prepare the peaches. Once your peaches are prepared to freeze then after that you can add fruit fresh powder in order to preserve it. Well, following the directions accurately you can easily freeze peaches with fresh fruit so that you can use the preserved peaches anytime you like.

Firstly, after choosing the right fruit you need to peel and pit the peaches. You can also peel the peaches by dipping them into boiling water for at least 30 seconds. Well, now you can easily peel the fruit skin without struggling much.
Secondly, you have to slice the peaches so that you can easily adjust them into the freezer. The slices should be of a regular size so that it does not consume more space.

Using Fruit Fresh

Whenever you are used to freezing anything for a longer period of time then you should use preservation powders, which keep the product fresh. Similarly fruit fresh is a powder, which simply preserves the fruits that you are putting into the freezer for a longer time. Now, as your peaches are ready to freeze, you can add up a fruit fresh preserver so that your peaches remain fresh for an extended period of time.

The fruit fresh powder keeps your fruit sweet and juicy and prevents discoloration. Now, you can pack up the peaches in any plastic bag or container and make sure that you fully close it. Air-tight bags are best for the preservation of peaches.


How do you freeze fresh peaches without them turning brown?

The best thing to keep your peaches fresh and to prevent them from turning brown is to use fruit fresh powders. This power acts as a preserver and makes sure that the fruit does not decay.

Can you just peel peaches and freeze them?

Yes, you can just peel peaches and freeze them but if you boil the peaches for 30-20 seconds in hot water will give you the best preservation results.

Do you put sugar on peaches before freezing?

Well, if you want your peaches to remain juicy and luscious then you can use sugar before you freeze them.


Well, all the peaches are not right for freezing and preserving as they may decay soon. So, it is important that you have knowledge regarding freezing the right peach fruit. To get the same sweet taste of peaches it is very important that you choose the right fresh fruit. I hope that this article will help you to know everything related to freezing peaches in order to prevent bacteria from spoiling them.

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