How To Make Popcorn Ceiling Look Good

Updated on March 6, 2023

House ceilings are so annoying sometimes as they drop off the wall after a certain period of time. An attractive ceiling provides a great look to your house but eventually becomes toxic when it peels off. The wall ceiling has a great texture, which is often known as an acoustic ceiling as it reduces the sound of noises. This wall ceiling has its own style but sometimes you may suffer when it falls off the wall.

For this reason, many of you must be thinking about how to make the popcorn ceiling look good. If you are the one looking to remodel the popcorn ceiling so you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you different ways to help you recover the popcorn ceiling and make it look the same way as before.

How To Make Popcorn Ceiling Look Good

A stylish and fresh home ceiling provides a satisfactory feeling to a person. Sometimes facing problems regarding your ceiling makes a person conscious to immediately change the ceiling of the walls. Changing the home ceiling may be expensive and costs a bit more than just refreshing it. Well, here I will tell you how to make popcorn ceilings look good and fresh under a good budget.

1. Skim Coat And Paint

Skim coat and paint are one of the best options to cover the popcorn ceiling. The Skim coat provides a fresh look, makes the wall smooth, and covers the wall with a single coating. You can apply the thin layer of a skim coat using the paint roller or hand brush in order to cover the peeling part properly. To get the best results you can use the drywall knife or trowel, which smooths the surface and makes your wall look even.

After using the skim coat you can now apply primer, which makes the wall shiny and non-sticky. After applying primer you can apply the coat of paint of your choice. A Skim coat makes your popcorn ceiling look more fresh under a good budget and suitable price. Make sure that you use the skim coat properly by using accurate equipment so that you cannot make a mess.

2. Tongue And Groove Ceiling Planks

Groove ceiling plank is a more preferred option than others. It gives your wall a decent and unique look. Also, it is more durable, which makes sure that your wall remains fresh for a longer period of time. Wooden planks are highly recommended for securing and maintaining your ceiling walls. The best thing about wooden planks and tongs is that they are easy to install and guarantee a 100% renovated look.

It enhances the overall structure by repairing the popcorn ceiling of your walls. You need to maintain and keep a check on this ceiling as it may crack after some time. While installing groove ceiling planks you need to use the proper equipment like drywall, which gives the perfect installation of the wooden planks. This procedure does cost a bit but it is worth installing to get the amazing look.

3. Gypsum Or Drywall

Gypsum and drywall are other great options to prevent popcorn ceiling, which gives an attractive look and makes your surface smooth. The best thing about this feeling is that you can even run the electric wires as there is extra space inside your wall ceiling.

It is a new ceiling design that allows you to put in more wiring systems without giving it an untidy look. Make sure that you apply this ceiling quite carefully so that you leave a considerable amount of space to run the wiring system. Also, you can use primer and then apply paint on this ceiling to give a smooth look to the popcorn ceiling. Gypsum and drywall are cheap ways to make a popcorn ceiling look good.


How do you modernize popcorn ceilings?

To modernize the popcorn ceiling you can use the skim coat, groove ceiling planks, tongue, gypsum, and drywall in order to give a smooth look.

What is the cheapest way to cover a popcorn ceiling?

The cheapest way to cover a popcorn ceiling is to use a skim coat, which gives an immediate renovated look to your walls.

How can I cover my popcorn ceiling without removing it?

To cover your popcorn ceiling without removing you can use drywall, groove ceiling planks, and tongue.

How much does it cost to skim-coat a popcorn ceiling?

It depends upon the techniques you are using to repair a popcorn ceiling wall.


I hope that you have got to know the ways through which you can make a popcorn ceiling look good again. If you are the one facing popcorn ceiling wall issues then you can use these techniques in order to fix the wall under a good budget. Now, it’s the time to give a new, fresh, and renovated look to your popcorn ceiling walls without replacing them with new ones.

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