How to Measure Kitchen Sink

Updated on March 6, 2023

Just with a few tools and a few steps you can measure the kitchen sink in just no time. The tools you need for measurement are a pencil, measuring tape, and paper on which you can write down the measurement. Even if you are thinking of installing the new kitchen sink, I have a few easy steps for that as well which won’t take much time from your schedule. Now to know what you need to do with these tools you have to read the article below and read till the end so that you get aware of the tips that I brought for you all.

How to Measure Kitchen Sink

Steps for Accurate Measurement

  1. Firstly bring the tools which you need for the measurement and these are a pencil/pen, paper and measuring tape.
  2. Now open the measuring tape and measure the width of the sink from each side.
  3. Now measure the length of the sink from within the basin.
  4. Write these measurements on paper.
  5. Now take out the sink and measure its width and length from each side and write those measurements on the paper. But while taking out the sink make sure you don’t damage the countertop.
  6. Now as you have all the measurements you can relate the sink you are considering buying to these measurements.

Installing New Sink and New Countertop

If you are considering buying a new sink for installing into the new countertop then it would be better that you measure the sink you are about to buy and cut the countertop according to it. Your sink should not be too big or too small. Another scenario that can be done by you is to buy the sink first and then install the countertop according to its size.

Maintenance of the Kitchen Sink

Who doesn’t want a sparkling kitchen but as we all know that accessories are way too expensive and they cannot be changed after every few months so it’s better to take care of the things which you already have? If I talk about the kitchen sink then it is quite easy to maintain. You just have to spare 5 minutes max to clean it up, but these five minutes will save you several bucks and will give you a glowing kitchen sink with an increased lifespan. Follow the steps given below and thank me later.

  1. Take a nylon cloth and a liquid dishwasher first.
  2. Make a solution of liquid dishwasher and water in a bowl.
  3. Dip the nylon cloth in it and then rub the sink with this wet cloth just after you have done your dishes.
  4. Wash the sink with water now and here you go with the almost new-looking shiny kitchen sink.


  • Do not use harsh sponges for this process as this will put scratches on the stainless steel sink.
  • Also never use bleach, acid, or any other hard detergent on these kitchen sinks.


When you measure the old sink in order to buy a new sink according to its size it is better that you notice the curves as well. As this is the part where most people make mistakes while they take measurements. The sink curves play a vital role in the size of the sink and help you find the accurate size.


I hope the steps mentioned above were helpful to you. Also, I would recommend that if you are considering changing the kitchen sink then spend some bucks and take professional help because he will be able to take the accurate size of the kitchen sink and will buy one for you which will be definitely according to the current sink size. Also if you bring the wrong one, then there might be a chance that a shopkeeper will take it back if it’s the wrong size.

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