How to Measure Undermount Sink

Updated on March 6, 2023

Measuring an under mount sink is not a big deal until you make it and start stressing about it. Just grabs a few essential tools from the market and get to work. You only need to spare about 15 minutes max for this whole procedure as I am going to tell you the easiest way. So get along and explore the method.

How to Measure Undermount Sink

First of all, bring the tools that will help you measure the undermount sink. These tools include a pencil, paper, and measuring tape. When you have these things already the next thing you should see is whether you can take out the sink or you can measure it the way it is attached to the counter.

If you ask me I would recommend that you take the sink out from the countertop as this will help you measure it perfectly. If you let the sink be mounted and measure it that way then there are chances that the measurements will not be accurate. But it is totally up to you which one is easier for you. The steps for measurement are as follows.

  • First of all, take attach the sink from the countertop and place it somewhere leveled.
  • Then take the measuring tape and start measuring the length of the sink.
  • Now measure the width of this sink and then the height of the sink
  • Now write all the measurements on the paper with the pencil.
  • Now measure the length and width of the countertop from within the sink cabinet where you assume to attach the sink.
  • Make sure you have written all the calculations and labeled them so that you don’t forget them later.

Maintenance of the Undermount Sink

If you like the under-mount sinks and want to install them then before doing so ask yourself that would you be able to maintain them or not. Because maintaining the under-mount sinks is quite a task and it is necessary to maintain them as they are more expensive than the ordinary ones, one cannot risk damage. To maintain them, clean them with liquid soap every night. This will maintain its shine and prevent stains.

Cleaning Undermount Sink

  • Take a nylon cloth, and avoided taking any hard sponge.
  • Now take a bowl and fill it with water
  • Add liquid soap to this water and make a solution
  • Dip nylon cloth in the bowl and let it soak the solution.
  • Now rub the undermount sink with this nylon cloth
  • Rinse water all over the sink.


  • Never ever use steel wool for cleaning your undermount sink.


If you ask me then I would personally recommend that you should hire a professional to take the measurements of the sink. Also, take professional help for installation too. This might be a little heavy on your pocket at first and seems like an expensive procedure but trust me that it will save you from any other mishap and loss. Furthermore, if you know how to deal with such things and you are good at installation then there is no problem in doing so.


  • Adds in the beauty of the countertop
  • Makes the counter look spacious
  • Easy to wipe
  • Best for cleaning large pots and hiding undone dishes


  • More expensive than other sinks
  • Should be installed by professionals
  • Demands maintenance


As you now know all the steps of measuring the undermount sink make sure that you perform them accurately and measure each side perfectly so that no problem occurs later on while attaching the new sink. Secondly, attach the under-mount sink to the countertop perfectly so that it doesn’t detach after some time. Lastly, always keep your sink clean with nylon cloth to keep them looking new and scratch-free.

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