Ideas To Decorate Around A Wood Burning Stove

Updated on March 12, 2023

Ideas To Decorate Around A Wood Burning Stove

A wood-burning stove is a wonderful addition to any house, particularly if it’s placed in a stunning fireplace. Warming yourself in front of a blazing fire is what we imagine when winter comes and the weather cools down. As well as providing heat, the fireplace should serve as the room’s centre point.

You may get ideas for your home’s interior design by looking at images of wood burning stoves in other people’s houses. There are a variety of styles and designs to choose from. As a superior alternative to conventional wood-burning stoves, bioethanol flames have lately gained popularity.

Decorate your space with a wood-burning stove in mind and you’ll find 20 amazing open fireplace design ideas below.

1. Stone veneer fireplace

Wood burning stove decor does not have to be expensive or time consuming. In reality, if you know the essentials, you can create a DIY fireplace surround.

The classic, texture-rich construction method of stacking the stones may completely modify the look of your fireplace façade with stone veneer. In both contemporary and rustic dwellings, the technique is used to decorate walls and fireplaces.

Most stone quarries and home and garden centers offer stone facing in slabs ranging in thickness from 1 inch to 3 inches thick, in a variety of shapes and sizes..

2. Entertainment center

Innovative wood burner living room concepts have been given a boost with the introduction of flat-screen TVs. It’s the focal point of the room whether you set your flat-screen TV above the mantle or on the face of a brick fireplace.

Nothing could be cosier than curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good movie. Floor space is also saved as a result of this layout

3. Corner wood burning stove

Small spaces may use a corner wood burning stove since it doesn’t take up much space and makes the area seem cosier. A mantle over a corner wood burning fireplace provides additional display area for adornments.
Instead of brick, you could utilize rock for a more modern look by covering the pipe with drywall, creating an illusion of an actual fire and boxing in the top with a fireplace hearth. This design may be further enhanced by including unique ideas for the fireplace.

4. Wood burners in the kitchen

It is still a popular and cost-effective method of heating a home throughout the colder months.

Wood stove inserts were formerly thought of as more than simply a source of heat; they were sometimes the sole surface on which to cook. It is possible to integrate a big or small wood burning fire into your kitchen cabinets, and if there is enough space on top, you may be able to cook on it with the appropriate pots and pans. Planning is key.

5. Alcove ideas

Choosing a striking black wood burner and mounting it on a hearth of black tiles will give your living area a modern feel.

6. Minimalist look   

Install a strong wood mantle over precision-pointed bricks left behind the stove. Add a pop of contrast to the room with cream-colored walls.

7. Rustic fireplace

For a stunning, modern black and white fireplace appearance, adopt a minimalist approach to decoration. It is best to situate the wood-burning stove in the middle of the room, behind the white-painted wall. The aesthetic is complemented by the use of black and white furnishings.

8. Antique effect

Fireplaces made of river rock or stone face may be lovely, but because of their vast size, they can overpower a space.

This may be remedied by installing a basic mantel shelf in a light finish or white paint color. In addition, you will have a ledge where you may place decorations in colors that match your design theme.

9. Country living room

Use antique limestone or imitation cast-concrete mantels to give your Spanish, Tuscan, or French decor a more historic feel. For a unique mantelpiece, use raised designs, an aged finish, and crown moulding accents.

A light-colored wood burner fireplace nestled in the middle of the building will provide aesthetic interest.

10. Open plan living room

A white wood burner fireplace is a great way to bring a rural feel to a modern living space. Comfortable couches arranged around a traditional cream-colored wood-burning stove give a light, bright, and clean look.

A rustic feel may be achieved with a wooden mantelpiece and a stack of logs stored in the nook. Decorate around the fireplace with settee throws that are warm and inviting.

As the focal point of a large open space, a double-sided wood burner fireplace is one of the greatest wood stove ideas for living rooms. If you’re willing to put in the extra effort, it’s worth it.

Keep the chimney breast and install a free-standing fireplace, a wood burning stove, if you remove a wall to create an open-plan living area. With this little open fireplace design, you’ll have a stunning focal point that also heats the whole room. You need to hire an experienced contractor if you want to make structural changes.

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