Is Corelle Toxic?

Updated on March 6, 2023

Who doesn’t like nicely designed Corelle kitchenware displayed at the dinner table? It is true that the most popular products offered by Corelle are their transparent dishes and winter frost Vitrelle set, but the ones with colorful and framed designs are also very difficult to resist. You can always use some color and style to pop up your table and food. But the thing is that even if Corelle is known for the strength that its kitchenware has, there is still a little confusion that can often arise when people decide to buy them. This is because of some limitations that the old making process of Corelle had.

This limitation was regarding the safety precaution although it was claimed to be overcome later, many people get hesitant and perplexed while getting new or old Corelle kitchenware for their homes. Corelle had been using lead in manufacturing the designed and patterned kitchenware. But it was a long time ago. If you have never used Corelle products and are planning to buy one for your family, then you must be sure about whether is Corelle toxic or not. Here I have gathered all the information that might help you out with getting the right set. Scroll down to find out.

Is Corelle Toxic?

The answer to this most asked question is yes and no. This is because not all of the Corelle products have the same manufacturing style and components. When it comes to a kitchenware brand that has an experience of more than fifty years, then it is obvious that the manufacturers and the manufacturing style have gone through an evolution. But the renowned and exceptional products show that the makers have kept up the pace of change all along. The change was positive for sure as the newer Corelle products are safe from any type of toxicity.

What Is The Material Used In Corelle?

The material that is used as the base for various Corelle products is the very own material of Corelle called Vitrelle. The Vitelle is an exceptional effort made by Corelle in raising the bars high for other kitchenware brands as this is not just a glass, but has many other qualities to it. Vitrelle has three layers of glass that are placed in such a way that there is an inner thicker layer that is covered from both sides with two thinner layers. These layers are not separate but infused together with the help of exposing them to heat.

The glass is resistant to breaking or cracking. There is no issue with the base material used in the making of Corelle products as you can also find products that are made up of stone or ceramic. Not any material out of these contains any toxins. Even the glaze that this kitchenware have has no such chemicals. The element that is responsible for the leaching of lead is the design or pattern as the liquid that is used to add color and design contained lead at some point in the previous years.

Do All Corelle Products Are Toxic?

No, not all of the products that are made up of Corelle contain toxins. The manufacturers have worked hard to gain the position in which they are today. When Corelle started, lead was used in the designing process as the painting agent had traces of lead. The makers and buyers knew this but there was no awareness of the harmful effect of lead on human life at that time. The Corelle products that were manufactured in or before 2005 are the ones that have toxins in the form of lead.

All of the products, whether designed, plain, or transparent, that were introduced by Corelle after 2005 are free from toxins and safe to be used. The old-school Corelle set that you might have in your store or attic is not something that can be placed on the dinner table. Instead, you can hang them in the hall, corridor, or garden. The lead can get mixed with your food and cause serious health hazards. So, avoid using the older Corelle products if you want to live a lead-free diet.


I hope that now you know if; is Corelle toxic or not. You can buy a nice set right away by just seeing the introductory date of the model in the market. If the date is after 2005, you can get it. But if the date is that of before, then you should stay away from it, especially if it is a designed one. This is because there was no limitation or restriction on the usage of lead in kitchenware, but now it is banned due to health-related concerns. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your Corelle set right away.

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