Top 4 Best Omega Juicer ( June, 2024 )

Updated on February 28, 2023

The best thing in the morning is to have a cup of fresh juice. Fresh juice made of natural ingredients ensures a rich supply of nutrients, improves overall health, and provides energy for daytime challenges.

You can mix different ingredients to enjoy your desired juice. But, if you are looking for the healthiest and most delicious juice, you have to choose the right juice. We have tried the best juicer brands available in the market that will help you start a better day. In this article, the best Omega juicers are reviewed.

Best Omega Juicer

Different performance categories such as speed, taste, nutrition value, chute size, juice yield, dryness of pulp, and durability are tested. In this article, you will find out each and everything you need to know while buying the best Omega Juicers.

The best and top-rated Omega juices are listed in this article. Every juicer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read the review thoroughly and make your best choice.

Best Overall
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Best Omega Juicer


1. Omega Juicer Extractor 

Omega Juicer Extractor 

It is a fairly new model that is lighter than the J8006 model. Omega enhanced the footprint and the size of the chute. The larger chute minimizes the preparation time because you can put large pieces without slicing them.

Omega NC900HDC is a multipurpose horizontal juice extractor that allows you to squeeze, extract pasta, and make desserts. It is one of the highest juice yield providers for greens. It is very quick in operation and can be cleaned quickly. This slow juicer comes with additional nozzles and filter attachments which is another feature of this juicer.

The performance of the 150W motor can be optimized by adjusting the pressure. Hence, you can increase the juicing yield of leafy vegetables, soft and hard ingredients. Though it is perfect for greens, and you will like it if you prefer to start your day with a fresh glass of spinach and kale juice.

It has a screen filter without holes that can be replaced with a squeeze filter. Once installed, it allows you to place the frozen fruit in the machine to make a fresh sorbet. To get noodles, it allows you to put the pasta dough. It can also make baby food.

The expulsion of the pulp in this juice is somewhat different. The pulp is expelled from the bottom rather than the side. However, the cleaning time is short and all parts are safe for the dishwasher. It is also sold with a 15-year warranty for customer satisfaction.

Main Features:

  • It has a 150-watt motor which is efficient and durable.
  • It works at a slow speed of 80 RPM.
  • It has an excellent 15-year warranty.
  • It extracts maximum vitamins.
  • It is good for any type of fruit and vegetable.
  • The motor is quiet but powerful.


It is a slow juicer that can produce excellent juice quality with minimum oxidation. Auto pulp separation works well. It is a luxury product with easy usage and a clean facility. Recommended for continuing investment.

It has five-speed settings.
It has a large chute for easy input of ingredients.
It is easy to use.
All components are chrome finish.
It comes with plastic cups for juice and pulp.
It has a bigger footprint.


2. Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer 

Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer 

If you rank according to appearance, you may want to place Omega H300D Juicer in the horizontal juicer equipment category. The design is compact and does not take up much space on the table surface.

The choice of modern colors and the mix of black and silver colors will match the modern decor. Producers use high-quality ingredients, which ensure the durability of the juicer for many years.

The Omega H300D features a slow squeezing juicer and uses the cold pressing technique to extract the juice from vegetables and fruits. Due to double stage extraction, this product is multipurpose and can extract a lot of juice from a variety of ingredients.

The product is given a marked juice container, so you can know the amount of juice that will be obtained every time you use it. The device operates at speeds of 90 to 110 rpm. It ensures high nutrient levels remain in the juice and keeps the process fast for slow juices.

The unit is equipped with a rough and soft squeeze screen to make sure better output while keeping low pulp levels. The assembly process is simple as you will receive detailed assembly instructions. It does not need a long time to learn and you will enjoy working after a few uses.

A small feed chute may enhance the time it takes to prepare the juice, but congestion does not often occur. Some of the components are secured to the dishwasher, hence the cleaning is simple.

Main Features:

  • It has a 150-watt motor which is efficient and durable.
  • It works at a slow speed of 90 – 110 RPM.
  • It extracts maximum nutrition.
  • It is good for any type of fruit and vegetable.
  • It uses cold press technology.
  • It produces less noise.
  • It helps enhance overall health and immunity.


Omega H3000D Cold Press juicer not only comes from a famous brand but also can give you a healthy juice every time you use it. Suitable for everyday use and can handle soft and hard fruits and vegetables. It is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable juicer.

It has an elegant and compact design.
It looks great in the kitchen.
It reduces oxidation.
Its some components are dishwasher safe.
It is easy to use and clean.
It improves gut health.
It has a small chute which results in more prep time.


3. Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer

Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer

The VRT350 slow juicer from Omega is vertically designed, meaning it does not take up much space on your desk. It makes it useful for a small kitchen, but you must make room in height-wise. The accessories have a modern look and a silver-black color scheme can fit kitchen decor. As for the quality of the ingredients, you will love the components of this product because it is very durable.

The juicer’s main feature is the two-stage extraction. The powerful motor will first finish off the vegetables or fruits, so the juice gets separated from the pulp. All of this ensures you can produce maximum juice in each use.

It comes with two spouts for easiness and two large containers. Each container has a capacity of 64 ounces. They can be used to collect juice and pulp. The Omega VRT350 runs at 80 rpm and it has a 150W motor. This ensures that the product can handle the most difficult fruits and vegetables. Slow speed makes sure that the maximum amount of nutrients remains in your juice.

A large feed chute will prepare foods and accelerate the process. The amount of pulp in the juice is not small, but a strainer can easily fix it. The Juicer is equipped with a reverse function, convenient to avoid getting stuck. If you feel that a product has collapsed, just turn on the reverse function to solve the problem.

The virtual learning curve is almost non-existent. You just have to prepare the food and activate it. This juicer does not have a lot of components, so it is very easy to clean than you think.

Main Features:

  • It has a 150-watt motor which is efficient and durable.
  • It works at a slow speed of 80 RPM.
  • It extracts natural taste and maximum nutrition.
  • It offers a high juice yield
  • It preserves nutrients for 3 days.
  • It produces less noise.


Omega VRT350 is a great option for beginners and particularly for regular users. Beginners will consider it easy to use, while experts will appreciate the quality of the juice and the yield. Its large chute easily prepares food and speed up the juicing process.

It has an elegant and compact design.
Its reverse function avoids clogging.
It minimizes oxidation.
It is good for any type of fruit and vegetable.
It is easy to use and clean.
It produces dry pulp.
Some users face mold buildup issues.

4. Omega CUBE300S Review

Omega CUBE300S Review

Omega CUBE300S is a strong but slow squeezing juicer. It offers a high nutrition value. It has an elegant, appealing, and excellent industrial design.

With the flexibility to make peanut butter and baby food, it can also be used for pasta and soy milk. It can be used as a grinder for coffee and herbal grains. This Omega Juicer also extracts fresh juices from fruits, vegetables, and green leaves.

This juicer has a two-stage extraction system for maximum output. Automatically pour the pulp into a distinct container for easy and continuous extraction. This juicer runs at a speed of less than 80 RPM, so this juice can extract plant fiber.

It can pass through the membrane to taste the fullest flavor and highest vitamin and mineral values ​​from ingredients. In addition, it produces less foam and minimum heat rise for healthier and more durable juices.


Due to excellent warranty, maximum nutrients, high yield, slow speed, minimum oxidation, smart design, easy assembling, and easy to clean facility make this juicer a great choice for all types of users.

Main Features:

  • It comes with a 15-year warranty in terms of performance and durability.
  • It can extract maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables for healthy and delicious juices.
  • It is a low-speed juicer with a powerful food system with a smart design that uses minimum space.
  • It has an elegant and excellent industrial design.
  • It runs at 80rpm speed for minimal heat transfer and oxidation, boosting healthy enzymes.
  • This juicer machine is versatile and can make be used for different purposes.
  • A two-stage squeezing system is used for maximum yield.
  • It automatically separates the pulp and juice for easy and continuous working.
It has an elegant and compact design.
It minimizes oxidation and preserves vitamins.
It is good for any type of fruit, vegetable, and nuts.
It is easy to use and clean with a brush.
It is easy to assemble.
It produces dry pulp.
It is a little bit expensive.
It produces more noise.



Only you can choose the juicer that suits you. I hope this Omega juice review helps you make the best choice. It is suggested that you can choose a slow juicer because this is an option that most healthy.

If you want maximum flexibility, you can go for Omega NC900HDC Horizontal Juicer. It is very juicy and also has additional features such as grind and chopped to form a complete nutritional system.

If you are looking for an affordable juicer, you can go with Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer. However, this is just a suggestion, so be free to choose according to your requirements.


What Kind of Omega Juicer Is Best for Beginners?

If you are just starting juicing, you can buy a cheap model so that you can learn how to use the juicer efficiently. Juicers having High-speed are normally affordable and you can go for a centrifugal juicer. Another way is to buy an expensive model if you are willing to do long-term investment. This way, you can ensure a healthy juice with nutritional requirements for many years.

How Long the Juice Can Be Stored Made by Omega Juicer?

Slow juicers produce juice with the longest life. According to tests, the juice can stay fresh for up to 3 days. But remember that drinking fresh juice is the best. This way, you will get the highest nutrition value. If you need to store, it is recommended that use a sealed container for minimum oxidation and preserve nutrients.

Is Omega Juicer Noisy?

To be honest, I never saw a juicer that is not loud. Though, some juicers are quieter than others. For example, slow juicers normally produce low sound. Noise is directly related to motor capacity and speed. However, keep in mind that a powerful motor allows the juicer to handle difficult products.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Omega Juice Offer?

It depends on the juicer you purchase. If you purchase a new juicer, it usually comes with a 15-year warranty. It may differ for international and commercial users.

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