Can Cast Iron Go In Oven

Updated on March 9, 2023

Out of all the cooking ware materials we use to cook food, cast iron utensils are the most reliable and durable. We all agree that ovens are a lifesaver in this busy world. So if you are thinking of putting cast iron in the oven but are not sure if it is safe or not. You will find all your answers in this article so keep on reading. Cast iron is very good at resisting heat but does this property of cast iron make it an oven-safe product? To clear up this confusion of yours, stick to this article.

Can Cast Iron Go In The Oven

A simple one-word answer to the question of can cast iron go in the oven is a yes. You can use any of the cast iron appliances in the oven. However, the lid and the handle of the cast iron pot can be sensitive to heat. So before putting it in the oven you should make sure that the handle is also heat-proof.

Cast iron pots can bear up to 2200°F of heat which is quite high compared to any other material. Also, you can use cast iron for more than two hours in the oven continuously. So if your recipe is time-consuming you can totally trust a cast iron pan. The main concern of your hesitation in putting cast iron should be the handle of the pan as wooden handles are risky. As it can burn if you overheat the pan.

Tips To Use a Cast Iron In The Oven

  • No doubt cast iron is a good heat-resistant material and can be safely used in ovens. You should keep in mind that not all cast iron pans can bear the same temperature limit. You can use the following tips to know more about using cast iron pots in the oven safely.
  • Control the temperature of the oven carefully if you are using an enameled cast iron pot
  • Never think of putting a cast iron pot in the oven if the handle and lid of the cast iron are not oven-safe
  • Never place an empty cast iron pot in an oven
  • Wash the pot instantly after using it but never scrub it hard or use a steel scourer because it not only damages the pan but it will rust soon
  • Avoid shifting the hot cast iron pot into the water as extreme shifts in temperatures can damage the pan


It is totally fine if you are using a cast iron pan in the oven. However, proper care should be taken if you want to use it a long way. Additionally, some safety measures should be taken before putting the pan in an oven. Do you know why? Because blindly putting faith in a cast iron pan is not an intelligent move. Following are some crucial points that should be taken care of in this regard

  • The lid or handle of the cast iron should be oven-safe
  • Put some butter or oil while you preheat the oven and the cast iron pan
  • Wash it right away after use and don’t submerge it in water for too long

If you were doubting the ability of the cast iron can it go in the oven or not then let me clear it to you that they are totally oven-safe. The most amazing fact about using a cast iron pan is that you can use the same pot in the oven that you were using on the stove. It saves time as well as bears more heat than other materials. I hope you enjoyed reading our article and have figured out by now that you can safely use a cast iron in the oven.

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