Can U Put Foil In Air Fryer?

Updated on March 6, 2023

Do you too have a traumatizing memory of aluminum foil sparking up or igniting inside your microwave? Well if due to your prior disastrous experience with aluminum foil you feel reluctant to use it in your air fryer, then you should give it a go. Newbie air fryer users who have just got their hands on it feel excited and fearful at the same time when it comes to experimenting with their cooking methods. Whether you are cooking a sweet or savory dish in your air fryer you will find a need to use aluminum foil to give a base and support to your food. The basket is not solid and has gaps to let the airflow.

While making mini beef pies to air frying your favorite sausages, you will need to use a foil to not only keep the flavors intact but to also give the shape that you want to the food. You will find many experienced home cooks, as well as professional chefs, talking about the numerous advantages that a small piece of aluminum foil can give you if you use it while working with your air fryer. If you are having second thoughts about using a foil or are thinking about whether can you put foil in air fryer or not, then you must give read to know what is the right method.

Can U Put Foil In Air Fryer?

You can absolutely use aluminum foil while cooking in your air fryer. If you have never used it before, then you will be more than happy to know that it will surely make it easy for you to deal with the aftermath. Aluminum foils, like other materials used to avoid sticking, can help you while cooking in an air fryer. The air fryer users should have no fear regarding any possibility of harm to them, their air fryer, or to the food in it. You can use the foil in numerous ways to enhance your cooking experience and result.

The Trick Of Using It In The Right Way?

As air fryers are ideal to cook protein and starch, so you might have to struggle a little to make it clean after. The proteins will release oils whereas the starchy foods are most likely to leave watery fluid when they are heated. If you don’t want these fluids to seep into the base and burn due to the hot air circulating inside the air fryer then you can use a layer of foil in the basket. The foil will act as a tray that holds these liquids. Now you will neither have tough stains to rub after nor will you lose the flavors.

Some foods need to be cooked in such a way that they have a moist finish while some can’t be enjoyed without the nice crispy crunch added. If you are planning to cook crispy meat, then you definitely don’t have to wrap it up in foil as the steam that will build up inside it will make it soggy. Whereas if you want to have a nice, steamed, and moist chicken with a mild taste, then you should completely wrap it and put it in your air frying basket. But it is best to use a toothpick to make some holes to provide an outlet for air to get out. If not then it can lead to gas filling up inside and can make the foil open.

You can also use aluminum foil to bake your favorite cookies, pies, bread, muffins, and cakes. If you don’t have the pans that are compatible with your air fryer then you can simply make your own by folding the foil in whatever shape you want. You can also separate the basket into two parts by dividing it with the help of a piece of foil, so you can cook two different foods at once. While you use any of these methods make sure that you don’t block the airflow as the air that circulates inside the fryer is responsible for the cooking.


Wondering can u put foil in the air fryer? Yes, you can put foil in your fryer to help you try all the mouth-watering recipes on your wishlist. Foil is not sensitive to the hot air circulation in the air fryer. It will help you keep the taste intact, adds moisture, keeps the base of the fryer clean, and can prevent the content from dripping or sticking. So what are you waiting for? Go and try out all the recipes that you always wanted to cook.

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