Can You Microwave a Yeti

Updated on March 6, 2023

Putting the steel mugs into the microwave is always a big NO but when it comes to yeti we all think that this renowned brand must have manufactured its products to be microwave-proof. But a huge controversy was heard about this in the last few days which I will walk you through in this article. So let’s jump into the facts about yeti and its product whether they can be microwaved or not.

Can You Microwave a Yeti

After huge research, experiments, and contacting one of their employees I found out that Yeti products cannot be microwaved. But why, you must be thinking right? Well, there are two major reasons. There is a little science behind these reasons so hear me out with all ears.

Reason not to Microwave Yeti

Basically, the Yeti is made from high-grade steel. The steel, aluminum, or whatever you would like to call it doesn’t let the waves coming through the microwave influence its structure and does not let the energy pass. Instead, the molecules of this steel absorb all the energy and eliminate it in the form of sparks and noise. So whenever you put the Yeti mug inside the microwave and turn it on just after a few seconds you will hear some sharp knocking-like noises.

Does It Still Warm up the Beverage?

Now let’s talk about the second most exciting part. Putting a cup filled with liquid in the microwave means you want it to be hot right? But what if after a minute you take out the cup and find out that the temperature has just raised only 2 points above the standard one? Irritating right? That is what happens when you want to level up the temperature of your hot beverage in the Yeti mug, it will remain almost the same as before.

This is because the molecules don’t move the energy throughout the mug and absorb them instead and eliminate it in the form of noise. Putting Yeti into the microwave will not only disappoint you in terms of cold beverage but, also, when you will take out the mug you will find that the other parts of that mug or bottle are just destroyed/melted.

Pros and Cons of Yeti

If you do not want to regret the decision of putting the Yeti mug in the microwave it is better to use a ceramic mug instead. You can put them in the microwave till the tea or coffee come to a boil and still no damage nothing will be done to your mug but yeah the outside of the mug will also become too hot to handle, unlike the insulated Yeti mug. So yeah each one has its own pros and cons.

As you know that Yeti is an insulated product, the cold will remain cold and the warm will remain warm in it. So the simplest way of owning Yeti is to heat up your beverage in a saucepan and then pour it into the Yeti mug. In this way, your hot beverage will remain hot for a long period of time.


I hope you understand that putting Yeti into the microwave is just risking all of the money you spend on the Yeti product and also risking your way too expensive microwave. Along with all this, the liquid in the Yeti product will remain unaffected and you will waste your time in doing so. Lastly, I would recommend that do not try to do any experiment by placing Yeti in the microwave as this can be quite dangerous and you can risk yourself and the others around you.

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