Can You Put a Wood Cutting Board in the Oven

Updated on March 6, 2023

To cut the long story short, yes you can put a wood cutting board in the oven but there are a few factors that you should consider before you do so. Although putting a wooden board in the oven doesn’t look like a task to ponder upon but believe me it is as important as the item you are considering baking in the oven as all the taste of this dish depends on this wooden board. So join me and get to know all the factors that one should definitely never neglect.

Can You Put a Wood Cutting Board in the Oven

Certain Temperature with Limited Time

A wood can tolerate a certain level of temperature and beyond it, it can shatter and even burn. On average, a wooden cutting board can tolerate from 350 Fahrenheit to 425 Fahrenheit only. Set the temperature between these temperatures and only then allow your cutting board to be inside the oven. Now you must be thinking for how long? Well, that’s the smart question to ask and the answer is just for 20 minutes, exceeding this time limit can damage the wooden board.

Cleaning the Wooden Cutting Board

Cleaning the wooden cutting board is a necessary step to do. This is important because most of the time we place the desired baking item over the cutting board but never clean this board from beneath. Clean the board from beneath so that heat doesn’t burn the remnants, and doesn’t create a burning smell. Also, keep in mind that no oil should be spread over the cutting board or beneath it as the wooden material will become prone to catch fire.

Soaking a Wooden Cutting Board

If you have a cutting board that is made from authentic wood without any mixing then you can wash it with soap. This won’t damage the surface of this material at all. But nowadays authentic wood cutting boards are rare and you have to find them from a really good shop, others are just a mixture. Washing them can result in breaking your cutting board, Also keep in mind that whether your cutting board is originally made from wood or is the 2nd copy, never soak it in a solution of water and dishwasher as this can damage its texture.

Drying a Wooden Cutting Board

To keep your wooden board as new as you bought it on the day first you should give it a good drying after every time you wash it. Use the towel to dry the wooden cutting board and if you have a little more time then place it under the fan. Never put the wooden boards in drawers until they get totally dried as the fungus will start growing over them.

Flammable Cutting Boards

Plastic and Laminated cutting boards are way too dangerous to be put into the oven. The heat of the oven will not only destroy the shape, and texture of these boards but will also catch fire after a certain time. It is better to not at all place your baking item into the oven with the plastic and laminated cutting board, not even for a few minutes.

Avoid Cutting Raw Items

If you start cutting raw items such as raw chicken meat, raw beef, fish, etc over the wooden cutting board it will soak the blood from these food items. Even if you wash it with the best dishwasher and dry it well, the smell won’t go away and will eventually damage the taste of your baking item.


You can place the cutting board in the oven but only under a certain temperature for a certain time. Do not expand the time as they can catch fire and if you are using a compact electric oven, it will be destroyed forever. Lastly, never cut raw items on the wooden cutting board, and never soak them in the dishwasher.

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