Can You Put Butcher Paper In The Oven?

Updated on March 6, 2023

Can You Put Butcher Paper In The Oven?

Butcher paper is the alternative to parchment paper. However, while doing a comparison between butcher paper and parchment paper, you will find butcher paper is thicker and it takes a while for heat penetration due to which the food is not evenly cooked. Furthermore, this paper has high absorbent properties that can make your food dry. The best thing about this butcher paper is that it is oven-safe due to its high-resistant property.

Therefore, you can put butcher paper in the oven while cooking. This heavy-duty paper is used by many people to wrap the meat while grilling or making BBQ. The presence of caustic soda, low lignin, and sulfide mixture strengthen the butcher paper to withstand the high heat of the oven while cooking the food. Moreover, this paper is highly beneficial for cooking meat as it restores its nutritional value. The paper is highly breathable which makes the meat more moist and juicy.

Apart from this, if you want a crunchy version of your meat then using butcher paper is the best option. For this, you have to cover all the sides of the meat with butcher paper tightly as you can. After that, apply the direct fire to the meat until it’s perfectly cooked. However, it is important to remember that despite having the ability to withstand high temperatures and its thickness, the butcher is still not suitable for extremely high heat.

Types Of Butcher Paper

  • Heavy-duty Butcher paper: This type of butcher paper is slightly thicker than unbleached and bleached butcher paper and can be used in multiple ways including cooking, packaging, crafts, etc.
  • Bleached Butcher paper: This white-colored butcher paper is treated with bleach and is often used for crafting and food packaging purposes.
  • Unbleached Butcher paper: This type of butcher paper is not treated with bleach and is brown in color. This type of butcher paper is specifically used for wrapping fish or meat.
  • Kraft Butcher paper: This type of butcher paper is slightly textured and is available in brown color. This butcher paper is used for crafting, food packaging, or wrapping fish or meat.
  • Pink Butcher paper: This pink-colored butcher paper is suitable for wrapping meat or fish. Due to its pink color, this butcher paper prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

Parchment Paper Vs Butcher Paper


Parchment paper is made from cotton or wood pulp whereas butcher paper is only made from wood pulp. The parchment paper is covered with the coating silicone whereas the butcher paper is not coated with any type of material. Furthermore, parchment paper is not environmentally friendly or biodegradable while on the other hand, while butcher paper is biodegradable and environment-friendly. Lastly, butcher paper is oven-safe and can be used for grilling or smoking while parchment paper is only suitable for the oven.


Can you put butcher paper in the oven?

Yes, you can use butcher paper in the oven as it is considered to be oven-safe. However, it is very important to keep in mind that despite being thick and having heat-resistant properties, butcher paper can be burned easily in case of extremely high temperatures.

Is pink butcher paper toxic?

Pink butcher paper is non-toxic and prevents the growth of many harmful bacterias. It is smoker safe and is approved to be used for direct food contact. Furthermore, it is highly breathable and can hold and restore natural meat juice.

Can you use butcher paper instead of parchment paper for baking?

Yes, you can use butcher paper and parchment paper interchangeably for baking. Both of these papers have differences in durability, thickness, and usage, however, butcher paper is heavy-duty and is suitable for a grill or smoking meat. On the other hand, parchment paper is oven-safe only.


Butcher paper is heavy-duty paper with high heat-resistant properties that make it oven-safe. Along with this, due high thickness, butcher paper can be used safely in the oven for cooking purposes. Moreover, parchment paper and butcher paper can be used interchangeably for baking and other cooking purposes despite having differences in thickness and durability. You can also use butcher paper for evenly cooking the meat and making it more crunchy and juicy. Furthermore, butcher paper is not suitable for extremely high temperatures.

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