How To Change Starting Point On Doordash?

Updated on February 27, 2023

If you have just started using doordash as a dasher, then you might struggle to get used to the order-taking procedure. Dashers do not always find orders really easily. Even though doordash has taken over all over America over the last decade, dashers can find it a little difficult to get accustomed to the technicalities of the whole procedure. Dashers don’t have to stick with one location when it comes to taking orders. You can change the location according to your own convenience. You are allotted an order that is near your selected location.

It is quite important that the dasher should first make sure that he has put in his current location. If you can’t put your correct location or are not able to change your starting point, then you should not fret about it. For your convenience, here I have brought to you all the details about how to change starting point on doordash. So, you can easily take orders and start to make some tips. There can be a few issues that many dashers can face when it comes to changing the starting point that I have discussed below along with their solutions. Keep on reading to find out the details.

What Is The Starting Point In Doordash?

Doordash works on a very large scale all across America. For easy and fast service the dashers have to select a zone in which their current location lies. Doordash works as a food delivery and takeaway company, so the person who takes the orders, which is the dasher, is responsible for starting the order. The dasher will act as the delivery person who takes the food from the food outlets and transports it to the customers who have placed the order.

The starting point is the location that the dasher selects. This selected location of the dasher is responsible for controlling the dashing that takes place. The selected zone becomes an area in which you are assigned your work. You can get to deliver orders to the closer zones but usually, you will see the orders that are inside the boundaries of your zones. The application of Doordash will act as a bridge between the merchant and the dasher as the order that the merchant has placed will be given to the dasher and the dasher will deliver the food to the merchant. Hence the order will be complete.

Can Dashers Change Starting Point On Doordash?

Yes, dashers can change their location whenever they want. The company keeps in mind the convenience of the customers as well as the dashers, as the whole food delivery process cannot take place efficiently until both have got the best options. The dashers may need to change their location due to numerous reasons. You might be traveling, shifting, or just in a different zone. The dasher can deliver food but first, they will have to select their current position.

The orders that are available in the current zone will appear and can be taken by the dasher. There are no restrictions for the dasher to get stuck with the first location that they had selected while registering with the doordash as you can change the starting point even more than once in a day or so. Now that you know changing it is possible. You might be wondering about how to get it done. Scroll down to find out.

How To Change Starting Point On Doordash?

Changing the starting point on doordash has no rocket science behind it. The dashers can dash food in any area that they like. They will get orders from people who are in a similar area and the order will be assigned to them. Dashing or delivering the food to the nearer customers, plays a major role in the quick delivery service as your time will be saved due to the lesser distance that is between the merchant and the dasher. You will get orders that are either in your zone or in the neighboring ones. You can change the location, whether you have the dash now option or not. Keep reading.

Changing Starting Point With Dash Now Option

Dash now is an option that pops up when you open the pre-installed app on your mobile phone. This option is responsible for helping you find orders that are near you. There is no other special option provided for the dashers in the settings that can help them with changing the starting point. You will have to use the dash now option that is placed in the middle bottom side of your phone. Here are the steps that will enable the dasher to change the starting point without any issues.

1. If you are a registered dasher, then you will have the doordash dasher app on your phone, if not then first you will have to install the app from the app store.

2. When you have downloaded the dasher’s version of the app, the next thing is to log in to the app by putting your already registered details.

3. Open the app by clicking on the dasher app on your screen.

4. On the homepage of the dasher app, the dasher will see a map of the areas that have dashing facilities.

5. After you have confirmed the availability of orders and doordash facility in the area that you are in, the next step is to go for the dash now option.

6. Click on the dash now option which is a red colored box placed in the middle of the screen in front of the maps having the zone.

7. This option is responsible for taking orders. By pressing on it you have asked the app to seek orders near you.

8. Now just select any order that you want to dash and don’t forget to respond to the confirmation message by saying yes.

9. The dasher will now be responsible for the delivery of the order that he has received.

Changing Starting Point Without Dash Now Option

You will not always see the red-colored dash now as an option when you open the homepage of the dasher app. This is not because of any issue with the server, it’s just because there is less chance for you to take an order. This issue can be faced by many dashers due to different situations. The dash now option might not be present on the homepage because there are no orders made by the merchants in your zone. It can also be because either the area in which you are is not a zone in the doordash or there are a greater number of dashers than required. What to do then? Here are the steps.

1. Open the dasher app.

2. On the homepage you will see a map of the area in which you are including the neighboring cities too.

3. You will not be able to see the dash now option.

4. Look for red-colored zones.

5. Select any one of these zed zones which are representing areas with the most orders.

6. The dash now option will appear.

7. The orders that are being made in your area will appear.

8 select anyone by saying yes to it.

9. You have got an order within the zone.


How to change the starting point on the door dash via android or iPhone?

On both iPhone and android, you will ache to the homepage of the app. In the case of Android, you will have to select the zone area on the map in which you are, then you will have to go for the change the area option and later have to confirm the change. On the other hand on an iPhone, you will just have to go to schedule dash, change the location and confirm it by tapping on yes and you are done.


Dashers can make a lot of money with the help of the takeout option of the doordash application. You don’t have to stop working as a dasher, even if you are not rooted in a particular place. You can get orders wherever you go by simply changing your starting point as you go. The doordash application helps the dashers by not limiting them to one selected position. Don’t know how to change starting point on doordash? You just have to open the homepage, select the door dash, tap on yes, and orders will appear from the current location of the dasher.

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