How To Install A Shower Head?

Updated on March 9, 2023

It can be extremely frustrating when the water flow of the newly installed shower is disrupted. You feel frustrated when you have to wait for the water to come out at a constant rate every morning before work. Well, whatever might be the case, you need to know how to install a shower head. The methods for replacing or installing a new showerhead are the same. I followed a few steps to install the shower head in my bedroom and it actually worked.

The process of installation is pretty simple and is discussed below for your assistance. You can read all the steps one by one for installing a new shower head in your bath area. This will help in saving water even though the new shower will be efficient. All the tools required for the installation of the shower are also mentioned below.

How To Install A Shower Head?

Maintaining your homes and bathrooms is a serious job. You have to make sure everything is on point to avoid any inconvenience in the longer run. The fixtures in your bathrooms need to be maintained so you can have a relaxing shower. The disrupted water flow of the shower can be extremely annoying especially when you are getting late for work early in the morning. I had to go through the same struggle for days until I decided to learn how to install a new shower head.

The steps are pretty straightforward but you will be needing a few tools for installation. The tools include a wrench, plier/channel lock, new shower head, Teflon tape, and cleaning rags or towels. You should have all these tools in your home when planning to replace or install a new shower head. Sometimes people like to change the interior of their bathrooms which is why they need to change the shower heads too. This is an easy task that can be done by following a step-by-step process explained below.

Steps To Install A Shower Head

The following steps should be followed if you want to change the shower head in your bathroom because it is clogged or does not match the other fixtures. You can read the process carefully and try it practically while changing the shower head. I am sure that you will get done with this in an hour without seeking any help from the plumber.

Step 1

The first step is to gather all the tools that are mentioned above so you do not have to run after anything midway. After having all the tools, you need to make sure the tap of the shower is turned off so no water leaks out of the shower arm. This is a very important step because a lot of the water can be wasted if the shower arm leaks continuously until you fix the new shower head.

Some people turn off the water supply of the entire house which can be helpful too. Now you can use the cleaning rag or towel to dry the shower arm so the hands do not slip while you install or replace the new shower head. All the shower arms, screws, and taps should be dry before you start working. People tend to ignore this part but it plays an important role when you deal with shower arms or bathroom fixtures.

Step 2

Now you have to start removing the old shower head that has rust and is clogged too. The removal of the old shower head is not very difficult. You can use a wrench and a dry cloth or towel to have a strong grip on the shower arm. Hold the shower arm with the help of a cloth and channel lock. Wrapping the towel around the shower arm will protect it, otherwise, it might break or get scratched. After you have a strong grip on the shower arm, you can start rotating the shower head in the clockwise direction with the help of a wrench.

Keep on rotating the shower head until it comes off the shower arm completely. If the shower is old, you can expect it to be stubborn and take more time. When removed, you might notice rust or corrosion on the inside which is why it takes a long time and much more effort to come off. A recently installed shower head will come off in a few minutes easily.

Step 3

After removing the old shower head, clean the shower arm with the help of a clean cloth. You might observe some rust or debris on the shower arm because of water. Please make sure to clean the shower arm from the inside with the towel so the water flow is efficient. Once you think the shower arm is clean, use the Teflon tape around it. Wrap the tape carefully around the threads of the arm. The Teflon tape should be pressed after applying so that it does not come off.

Step 4

This is the main step that everyone waits for, which is installing a new shower head. You can now take the new shower head and fix it onto the shower arm. This can be fixed easily by using your hands only. Keep on rotating the shower head in the clockwise direction until it gets fixed onto the shower arm. After it is tight and secure, you can use a wrench but surround the new shower head with a towel or even a thin cloth to prevent scratches.

Step 5

Use the wrench to further secure the shower head so it does not fall off with the pressure of the water. Sometimes the new shower head is not fixed properly because of which water keeps on leaking from the side of the shower arm. Although this does not make any difference because once you turn off the tap, it will stop leaking. If the shower still leaks, you can apply another layer of Teflon tape on the shower arm so there is no space left between the shower head and arm.

Hence these are the five main steps that can help you install the shower head in just a matter of a few minutes. Whether you want to replace the old shower head or install one in your new bathroom, you can follow the same steps. This is a simple step-by-step process that helps you do the job without seeking any help from the plumber.

Types Of Shower Head

After knowing the installation process of a shower head, you should be aware of the types too. People use different types of shower heads in their bathrooms. They might want to coordinate the shower heads with other fixtures or like using different ones every now and then. Let me discuss a few of the types below so you can have an idea about their efficiency and water flow.

Handheld Shower Head

Handheld shower heads are commonly used nowadays by most people. This is great for kids or elderly people as they can sit while having a shower. It can be moved in different directions if you cannot stand because of any health issue. This has the same water flow as the fixed shower head but has a button so you can turn it off and on easily. It comes with a long pipe and the installation is quite similar to the normal shower heads.

Fixed Shower Head

The fixed shower head is efficient and has a constant water flow but with less pressure to save water. This can be installed or replaced easily by following the five main steps that are discussed above in the article. If you plan on changing the fixed shower head, you can just rotate it with the help of a wrench. As per my sources, this is the most used showerhead around the globe. Some of the houses with modern interiors also have fixed shower heads because people are comfortable using them.

Filtered Shower Head

The filtered shower head is rarely used by people because it has to be cleaned and changed after every 3 to 6 months. As evident by the name, this filters the water by removing all the dirt and chemicals. The filtered shower head is expensive and complicated to install. The water flow might be slow because it might get clogged by dust and chemicals as it separates them.

Waterfall Shower Head

The waterfall shower head is the new favorite because it has great water flow and low efficiency. You might feel like standing under a waterfall because the flow is so gentle. It is less efficient than other shower heads because the water is distributed before coming out. This can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall with the help of a shower arm. Most modern houses have a waterfall showerhead in the bathrooms because it compliments the minimal interior.

Dual Shower Head

The last type is the dual shower head on my list of types today. This shower head is unique in terms of design and more expensive than others too. You might have an idea about reading the name that this shower head further has two heads. One of them is fixed while the other is handheld. You can use both of the heads together or one by one depending upon your liking. One of the disadvantages of using a dual shower head is that it wastes a lot of water.

You are basically using two showers at one time which consumes a lot of water. The water flow and the efficiency are great but you have to save water too for the long run. Hence it is best to use one of the two heads if you have a dual shower head in your bathroom. All of these shower head types can be used depending upon your preference when it comes to fixtures.


Can you install a showerhead yourself?

Yes, you can definitely install a shower head yourself by following the five main steps that are mentioned above. The process is very straightforward and you might actually get the job done in a few minutes without seeking any help from the plumber.

How easy is it to install a shower head?

Installing a new shower head or replacing an old one is a very easy task. You just need to have a few tools along with a cleaning rag or towel before getting started. This is a simple step-by-step process that hardly takes an hour to get done.

Do shower heads just screw on?

Yes, most of the shower heads available on the market are screwed on. You can just rotate them onto the shower arm in a clockwise direction unless they become secure. When you think that the shower head is fixed onto the thread, you can turn on the water and check for leaks.

Should you turn off the water to change the shower head?

Yes, you will have to turn off the water to change the shower head because you won’t be able to hold and fix the new one. The water will keep on falling on your face which will make it impossible for you to work. Hence it is mandatory to turn off the water supply in order to fix the new shower head.


A detailed step-by-step process of how to install a shower head is discussed above for your assistance. You can use these steps to replace and install a new one without needing any help. This process hardly takes a few minutes and very little effort. Some people like changing the fixtures of the bathroom every now and then, hence these steps can be helpful for them. I hope this article has explained the process of installation in detail so you can use them whenever in need.

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