5 Best Wheatgrass Juicers ( May, 2024 )

Updated on February 28, 2023

Wheatgrass is called a superfood by nutritionists because of its high levels of antioxidants and nutrients.  The best wheatgrass juicer at house is the best way to enjoy the benefits and flavors of wheatgrass juice at a low cost and high comfort factor. Getting the best wheatgrass juicer is very important if you want to make whole wheat juice because not all juicers can handle wheat.

You need a special wheat juicer or strong masticating juicer. Choosing a wheat juicer can be difficult, as it still needs to consider some features. You need to think about what you are just squeezing into the grain or also other fruits and vegetables. How often you want to squeeze, and whether you want to spend more money on an electric juicer.

best wheatgrass juicers

The speed of processing the juice you choose is also important. Slow-squeezing juicers are generally better for efficient juices to maintain freshness and preserve the nutrients. With that in mind, we have filtered hundreds of customer reviews and dozens of the most popular products and found 5 best wheatgrass juicers that can meet all your needs.

Best Overall
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Best Wheatgrass Juicers


1. Omega Extractor Wheatgrass Masticating Juicer

Omega NC1000HDS Extractor Wheatgrass Masticating Juicer

The first thing to note about the NC1000HDS is that it has different features. It comes with four legs in the base for optimal stability and in the lower part, there is a forum. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, fore, and aft, and the lower bouts featured two cutaways, fore, and aft.

The silver color dominates the appearance, but it has a kind of opaque finish that makes it modern and elegant. The producer is such a generating state to include a party that transforms the product into a nutritional center. 15-years warranty on parts and performance is provided for customer satisfaction.

It produces healthy juice from a minimum amount of fruits, vegetables, leafy green, and wheatgrass. The size of the feed chute is larger than some Omega models, so you can at least speed up the time before the juice Includes reverse function. It includes an internal handle. The 110/120 Volt model is designed for use in North America only. Warranty coverage is only in North America.

Main Features

  • It comes with 15 years of warranty on parts and performance.
  • It works at a slow speed of 80 RPM.
  • It has an end cap with 5-speed settings.
  • It has 2 stages of extraction.
  • It is easy to assemble.


Powerful motor, slow speed, multiple speeds, easy assembly, and high yield make Omega NC1000HDS Wheatgrass Juice Extractor is the best wheatgrass juicer from Omega.

It gives a large number of vitamins and nutrients.
It is very easy to access nutritious enzymes and antioxidants.
It gives a maximum amount of juice from minimum amounts of fruits vegetables and wheatgrass.
It has a quiet and powerful motor.
It is user friendly
Its plastic components are cheap.


2. Original Healthy Juicer Lexen GP27

Original Healthy Juicer Lexen GP27

This wheatgrass juicer is very easy to use, efficient, and affordable. Many people are aware of many health benefits of juices, but no one likes to prepare the juice and that’s bad. Lexan Healthy Juicer is powerful, efficient, and most importantly, easy to use and clean. Designed to handle green leafy vegetables.

There are currently two types of juices on the market. Centrifuge and masticating. The main advantage of a masticating juicer is that it crushes fruits and vegetables, rather than slicing them like regular centrifugal juice.

This crushing and squeezing process extracts more juices and also has less heat accumulation than high-speed centrifugal juicers, which destroys enzymes and other essential nutrients. Healthy Juicer produces healthier juices.

With this juicer, you can also add leafy vegetables including kale, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, parsley, salad, and more. Sometimes, you can even add leafy vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, beets, etc.

Main Features

  • Its weight is 1.1 kilograms only.
  • Its components are easy to clean.
  • No need to brush the internal screen.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The price of this juicer is very low.


Lightweight, low cost, multi-purpose, easy cleaning, easy storage, excellent performance, and low cost make this juicer the best choice for those who want more features at a minimum price.

Suitable for most fruits and vegetables.
This masticating Juicer retains nutrients
It takes 3 minutes to clean up.
This juicer is portable.
It produces healthy Juice.
30-day money-back guarantee.
Leafy vegetables should be cut small or sliced hence increasing the processing time.


3. Hamilton Beach Commercial HWG800-(Best Commercial Juicer)

Hamilton Beach Commercial HWG800

Hamilton Beach Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer is powerful, durable, and designed to produce optimal juices. High torque motors are built for maximum juice extraction. The easy-to-use toggle switch offers a reversal option so that the operator can change the direction of the motor for a few seconds to help clean up and avoid clogging.

The maintenance kit provided includes two metal shields and two gaskets. Parts are made of the 304-grade stainless steel food grade materials that are easily removable for cleaning, and the permanent lubricating motor is cooled for many years.

Stainless steel components and air-cooled motors are permanently lubricated to serve for many years to come. This product includes a 1-year Express Care warranty. The unique feature is that we will send free replacement units if needed to keep providing you fresh juice every time.

Main Features

  • It has a stainless-steel body.
  • Its height is 12 inches, Width 23.03 inches, and Length is 7.09 inches.
  • This juicer offers a 1-year warranty.
  • Its high-torque motor produces up to 5oz/150 ml juice per minute.
  • Parts of this juicer are easily removable for cleaning.


Hamilton Beach Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer is powerful, more durable, and designed to produce optimal juices. Powerful and High-torque Motors are built to get maximum juice. Perfect for every kitchen.

This juicer is powerful to provide maximum juice.
This is a strong and durable juicer.
It is designed to produce fresh juices.
The maintenance kit provided includes two metal shields and two gaskets.
Its permanent lubricating motor is cooled for many years to squeeze.
It is very simple to clean.
It is very good for squeezing herbs, buds, herbs, and greens, this juicer should not be used to squeeze fruits.


4. Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Wheatgrass MJ445 Juicer

Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Wheatgrass MJ445 Juicer

Miracle Exclusives Stainless-Steel Juicer is efficient and easy to use. This juicer includes a pusher, fitting lock, stainless steel auger, stainless steel screen, and end cover. It is very easy to clean. Its parts are removable for quick and easy clean.

Auger is modeled to produce an excellent commercial juicer. This revolutionary design eliminates the need for adjustment screws on the tip. This juicer produces very little foam. The MJ445 is made of non-toxic stainless steel materials. It comes with everything you need to start squeezing except marijuana.

The mounting clamp is wide enough for a table that is more than 1.5 inches deep. This machine is very durable. You will provide free service without problems for many years. It is a suitable tool for frequent travel. This is as easy as picking up your favorite fruit, pressing it in the machine, turning the cabbage, and getting some delicious fresh juice. No electricity is required, so you can taste fresh juice on the beach, camp, or on a trip.

Main Features

  • It has a solid, non-toxic stainless-steel body.
  • The weight of this juicer is 6 pounds.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • It is designed for commercial and residential use.
  • Rubber pads protect it from damage.
  • Particularly designed for wheatgrass and other grasses
  • It is easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.
  • It is easy to use.


Miracle Exclusives Manual Stainless-Steel Juicer is efficient and easy to use. Auger is modeled after an excellent commercial juicer. This revolutionary design eliminates the need for adjustment screws on the tip.

It is used for extracting wheatgrass and other plants.
This juicer juices wheatgrass, leafy greens, and soft fruits.
Working with this juicer is very good.
It comes at an affordable price.
Its parts are removable for quick cleaning.
Rubber pads are used on the work surface for protection.
It has only a one-year limited guarantee.


5. VEVOR Wheatgrass Suction Desktop Stainless-Steel Juicer

VEVOR Wheatgrass Suction Desktop Stainless-Steel Juicer

This juicer is made of 304 stainless steel material and it is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. This consists of a wrench, hook, PA shaft sleeve, sealing ring, and cleaning brush. It has double fixing; one is a grain press which contains the base of a suction cup and the other is a table clamp (table thickness less than 5.5cm) providing strong stability when squeezing.

This juicer is equipped with a long screw shaft to squeeze the grain. 304 stainless steel mesh filter effectively separates residues and juices. Wooden handles can be easily removed to save space and easy to store.

It has multifunctional accessories i.e. one cup included collecting the juice, a pestle for fast food, a button to open the front cover, a hook to extract filters, brushes for easy cleaning. It also includes a backup filter, a seal ring, and a shaft arm made of PA.

Wheatgrass juicer manual is commonly used for wheat juice, various vegetables (including aloe, celery, cabbage, etc.), and a variety of fruits (including apples, grapes, oranges, etc.).

Main Features

  • It has a stainless-steel body with a metal polished surface.
  • It has a double fixing.
  • It provides high efficiency & space-saving.
  • It comes with multi-functional accessories
  • This juicer is made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The weight of this juicer is 6.4lbs (2.9 kg).
  • This juicer has a suction cup and desktop clamp.


Steel body, high efficiency, space-saving design, lightweight, safe material, and multiple usages make VEVOR Wheatgrass Suction Desktop Stainless-Steel Juicer a perfect choice for your kitchen. Highly recommended if you love wheatgrass juice every morning.

Healthy material used in its body construction.
This juicer is used for orange juice, various vegetables, and fruit types.
It is suitable for home use.
Its handle is removable to save space.
It is a manual wheatgrass juicer.
Manual operation saves electricity.
Disassembling this juicer is a long process.



What Time Is Best to Drink Wheatgrass Juice?

We recommend having a glass of wheatgrass juice after waking up from sleep. Twenty minutes after taking the juice you can have breakfast. Keep in mind that wheatgrass juice should be taken when your stomach is empty.

How Long Wheatgrass Juice Last?

As a rough estimation, you can store it for seven days. According to wheat expert, Ann Wigmore, put the wheat in the refrigerator. It can be stored for up to seven days. Cut the chopped wheat into small pieces, drink immediately after you squeeze.

Can You Boil a Wheatgrass Tree?

To maximize the benefits you get from Wheatgrass juice, it is best not to cook it. However, adding powder at the end of cooking is a great alternative way to keep vitamins at their peak.

Is a Masticating Juicer the Same as A Cold Press?

A cold press juicer is commonly known as a masticating juicer. Masticating juicer produces higher juice yield and produces more juice from the product. You can also put green leafy vegetables and wheatgrass in it but centrifugal juice does not excrete leafy vegetables.

Is It Possible to Drink Wheatgrass Juice Every Day?

Fresh wheatgrass juice is considered a living food. Health enthusiasts have long commented on the benefits of this plant, and for good reason. It can be used as a daily health tonic and can also help cure certain ailments. So, you can use it daily without any side effects.


In this article, we understand the insignificance and importance of wheatgrass juice for health. But when it comes to making juice every day, it becomes a difficult task. But the invention of technology like a wheatgrass juicer makes our task easy and efficient. Finally, it is better to use these quick tools than to use an old mortar and pestle to extract the juice.

The best wheatgrass juicers are reviewed in this article. Every juicer is best on its own. You can choose any one of these according to your requirements.

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