Can I use 2% Milk Instead Of Whole Milk?

Updated on March 9, 2023

Do you want to try a new recipe but are out of whole milk? Well, I will help you find the best alternatives to whole milk. You must know that whole milk is one of the significant ingredients in many recipes. Although it has a lot of demand, it has comparatively more quantity of fat than other types of milk. Therefore, many people avoid using whole milk in their cooking.

Furthermore, sometimes you run out of whole milk but need to bake or cook something. The following guide will help you solve this problem by providing alternate kinds of milk for various types of whole milk. You can use different quantities of various kinds of milk as a substitute for whole milk. In addition, you can also use cream, yogurt, and skim milk, to make whole milk at home.

Can I Use 2% Milk Instead Of Whole Milk?

Various kinds of milk have a different consistency. Therefore, converting them into whole milk requires different quantities of milk and fats. As mentioned above, one can make whole milk from regular milk or skim milk using butter, yogurt, or heavy cream. Let’s find out how one can convert milk of different viscosity into whole milk.

Making Whole Milk From 2% Milk

You can make whole milk from 2% regular milk and a teaspoon of butter. Now the question is, is it necessary to add butter? Yes, because whole milk has a thicker consistency than regular milk due to the higher portion of fats. You need to add more fat to regular milk to turn it into whole milk. Therefore, butter is an essential ingredient for making whole milk from 2%v regular milk.

Making Whole Milk From Heavy Cream

Do you want to make whole milk from heavy cream? Well, you can do so by following these steps. Heavy cream has more thickness than whole milk, so you can not use it directly. In short, you have to reduce the viscosity of the heavy cream. You can do this by adding a certain quantity of water to the heavy cream. In addition, you need a blender to blend these two ingredients and make an alternative to whole milk.

Making Whole Milk From Milk And Heavy Cream

Another alternative method for using milk as whole milk is by mixing it with heavy cream. This process does not require a blender. You need to mix 1% milk with one and a half tablespoons of heavy cream. This alternative method is one of the best methods for making whole milk at home because its taste resembles that of original whole milk.

Using A Non-Dairy Product As Whole Milk

Many people are allergic to dairy products or do not like to add dairy products to their recipes. Moreover, non-dairy products keep you healthy, strong, and active and help in losing weight. Well, I have the best alternatives that you can use as whole milk in your recipes. A few types of non-dairy milk, such as coconut, almond, and soy milk, work the same as whole milk. Therefore, these kinds of milk are best for people who can not use dairy products.


The above article contains all information on how you can use other kinds of milk as whole milk in your recipes. You must have noticed that whole milk has a thicker consistency than regular milk. Therefore, you need to add a certain amount of fat to your regular milk to use it as whole milk. Moreover, these alternative methods work the same as whole milk. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful.

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