Does Blueberry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

Updated on March 6, 2023

Who doesn’t like having fruit pies that are full of cream and flavor? You can make pies and store them in the refrigerator or even at room temperature. People like having blueberry pies but are confused about storing them. They prefer making pie for 2 to 3 days but want it to be fresh and soft. If you want to know whether to refrigerate your blueberry pie or leave it out on the table, you can read the article given below. I have given the information below so you can have an idea about storing your next batch of blueberry pies for the holiday season.

Does Blueberry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

The fruit pies in general do not need to be stored in the refrigerator because they have too much sugar to stay in good condition for three to four days. Whereas pies with cream and eggs have to be kept in the refrigerator so they do not go bad. Blueberry pie can be kept in the refrigerator if you want to store it for eight to ten days. In general, there is no need to refrigerate blueberry pie. It remains in good condition even when stored at room temperature with a lid on it.

Blueberry pie can also be frozen if you want to make it in large quantities and store it for weeks. Some people like storing the pie at room temperature because the crust remains fresh. One thing that can be done to keep the pie fresh is to add the top layer of blueberries when you are serving. If you use washed blueberries and store the pie for two-three days, it might go bad because of the water. You can add fresh berries at the top of the serving dish right before cutting.

This gives a fresh flavor and you can use the pie for three to four days easily. Some people like putting their pies in the freezer right after making them. This helps in getting perfect pieces and keeps the cream thick and cold as well. The flavor of the blueberries can be enjoyed in every bite. After taking the pie out of the freezer, you can keep it at room temperature. An expert and an experienced baker recommended using a pie protector on top when storing blueberry pie outside the refrigerator.

This helps in keeping the crust fresh and the cream is protected from dust particles. Hence you can either store the blueberry pie in the refrigerator or keep it at room temperature depending upon your personal preference. High-fat content will help you keep the blueberry pie in good condition without getting stale. I personally like storing the fruit pies at room temperature because the flavor and the crust remain fresh.


A brief article on how and where to store the blueberry pie is given so you can have an idea when you bake them for the Christmas holiday. The fruit pies including the blueberry pie can be stored at room temperature as it has low moisture. This pie has sugar, high-fat content, and acid that does not let it get stale. I hope this article has enough information that can help you know whether to refrigerate or leave the pie outside at room temperature.

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