How To Get Burnt Sugar Off Stove Top

Updated on March 9, 2023

Kitchens are one of those areas of the house where we spend most of our time. No matter how good you are at cooking spilling the food over the work area is pretty common, right? I know it is not intentional and an unclean kitchen is a very unpleasant sight. And most of the time we stain our stove with things that hardly come off.

Sometimes it happens that you accidentally drop sugar syrup or sugar while making dessert or anything and it gets burnt while you are cooking the meal. It is a headache to get burnt sugar off the stovetop. If you are also going through the struggles of finding ways to get burnt sugar off your stove then this article is for you.

How To Get Burnt Sugar Off Stove Top

Cleaning mess from a steel stove is easier than compared to a glass top stove. Therefore, you should be extra careful while cooking on a glass-top stove. You can use the following methods to clean burnt sugar off your stovetop. Here I will discuss seven methods to clean burnt sugar from the stove that I tried myself to see the effectiveness of these methods.

Method 1

The easiest way of cleaning burnt sugar off your stove top is to wipe it as soon as possible. Don’t leave it for long because it will be difficult to clean if it dries up. Just soak a cloth in hot water for a while and put it over the stain of sugar. Leave it there for a couple of minutes until it melts. Clean it with the same cloth till all the sugar stain comes off.

Method 2

If you didn’t get time to clean the sugar stain on time and it is all dried up now. You must be getting worried about how this will come off. This is not even a problem because it has a very simple solution. Leave the stove on for some time on high flame. Just go with your gut feeling when you feel the stove has become hot enough, turn it off. Immediately put a damp cloth/towel on the sugar strain.

This will make the sugar to get stick to the towel. Be very careful with the whole procedure because the stove and towel will be super hot. Pick up the towel from the stove with the help of tongs to avoid getting hurt or burning your skin from the hot stove. The most amazing thing about this method is that you can use this method for a steel stove as well as a glass top stove.

Method 3

Before I share the details of this method with you mind that this procedure can only be performed on steel stoves only. So without wasting any time let’s get started. If you have accidently got sugar burnt on top of your steel stove then you can simply scrape it off. After scrapping clean it with a paper towel or cloth. Observe the surface if it needs more cleaning then you can repeat the scrapping process to remove all the burnt sugar off your stove.

The reason why this method is not recommended for glass top or ceramic stoves is scrapping will damage your stove as it is a harsh procedure. So to clean sugar from this kind of fancy stove you can try other methods. This way you will get rid of sugar stains without damaging your stove.

Method 4

Although harsh scrapping is not advisable to be used on glass stoves you can use a mild blade razor. You can use any razor that has a single blade to scrap off the burnt sugar from the stovetop. If you are working on a glass stove keep in mind to be very gentle. Try not to scratch the stove surface while scrapping. There is no restriction or special instructions for a steel stove as you can use any razor. However, a glass stove has a few restrictions you need to avoid using a carbide scraper blade as it might damage your stove.

Method 5

This method includes a home remedy that works exceptionally well and it will leave your stove like it’s a new one. The main ingredients you will need for this method are vinegar and baking soda. Are you also struggling with how to get rid of burnt sugar off your stovetop? If it just doesn’t come off and if you are tired of using different methods then you can give this method a try. Trust me it will make any stubborn stain come off. You must be curious to know this procedure so let’s get started.

Start with making a vinegar mixture. To prepare this mixture you need to mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water. Pour this solution on the burnt sugar stain on your stove and leave it overnight. You can heat the solution to make the cleaning process easier. After this pour some baking soda powder over the vinegar mixture. As soon as vinegar gets in contact with baking soda it will start a chemical reaction.

You will see bubbles forming on the surface this is an indication of a neutralization reaction. Let the reaction occur for a few minutes. Take a brush, sponge, or scrubbing pad to clean the burnt sugar stain from your stove. It will not need harsh scrubbing as the vinegar and baking soda have already softened the stain, and the burnt sugar will come off pretty easily in just a few strokes.

Method 6

Another simple way of getting rid of the burnt sugar off your stovetop is by using baking soda only. First of all, remove the stove grates so you have greater space for the cleaning process. If the stains are tough you can soak them in soap water for a few minutes. It is an additional step so you can decide by looking at the stain if you think it needs some soaking then you can do this step before jumping to the main step.

Pour some baking soda on the burnt sugar stain. As removing the stain will require some scrubbing so you can use a brush or a sponge to do the job. For better results and less effort use a damp sponge or scrubbing pad. Soak the sponge in soap water and squeeze to remove excess water.

Scrub the stove with the sponge for a couple of minutes. Wipe it with a clean cloth or towel. If you can still see some stains then make a baking soda paste. Apply this to the burnt sugar stain and leave for 20 minutes. Spray some vinegar on this paste and scrub again after a few minutes. This will surely remove the burnt sugar stains. It is similar to method 5 but just a different way of doing the same thing.

Method 7

If you have lemon in your home you can simply use that to get rid of the burnt sugar stains. Take a lemon and squeeze it over the stains. Let the lemon juice stay there for 30 minutes or more. You can gently scrub it off after the recommended time. For a tough burnt sugar stain, you will need to reapply this a few times to completely get the stain off from the stovetop.


How do you remove the hardened sugar from countertops?

There are different ways that you can use to remove the hardened sugar from countertops. You can use liquid soap and scrub with an abrasive side of the sponge to clean it up. Another way is to simply scratch the sugar stain with a knife to scrape it off the surface.

How do you clean a burnt stove top?

Cleaning a burnt stove top is a difficult task but you can get better results by putting less effort if you act smartly. Use baking soda paste, vinegar, dishwashing soap, etc. basically anything that helps in dislodging the stains. Leave the solution on the stove surface for half an hour then clean it by scrubbing or wiping.

How do you clean the sugar off of surfaces?

The most effective way of cleaning sugar off surfaces is by soaking them in simple water for a few hours. Soaking will loosen up the stain and it will come off when you scrub it.


No one likes to work in an unclean environment, right? The same is true for kitchens. If your kitchen is unclean or stained it will give you a disgusting feeling. Also, it will be an embarrassment if someone visits your place and your kitchen and stove look like they haven’t been cleaned for ages. It is better to clean the stove top as soon as you finish cooking if there is any food spillage. But tough stains like burnt sugar are a challenging task. So to reduce your stress you can try the following methods to get rid of burnt sugar from your stovetop

  • Hot water damp a towel in hot water and leave it on the sugar stain for a few minutes before wiping
  • Heat up the stove to melt the sugar on the stovetop. Put a damp cloth over it to let the sugar stick to the cloth and wipe
  • Use a razor to scrap off the burnt sugar on the stovetop by scrapping it with a blade or razor

You can use these methods immediately to get burnt sugar off your stovetop. These methods are quick and do not require much effort. But if the sugar stains are tough you can use the chemical methods mentioned in the article earlier. I hope you find the content of our article helpful.

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