How To Fix A Spray Bottle?

Updated on March 9, 2023

Does your spray bottle fail to pump the liquid out of it? Well, there are high possibilities that your spray bottle is malfunctioning for various reasons. Don’t worry because the following article will help you fix your spray bottle at home. Many people use spray bottles for different purposes but sometimes fail to work. In some cases, the bottle malfunctions because of the clogging in its nozzle.

Sometimes the little dirt particles from the water can clog the nozzle, and sometimes the solid particles from the oil can cause this coagulation. Well, I have the solution to all these problems in the following guide. In some cases, the pumping spray stops working. Let us discover the steps to solve the malfunctioning spray bottle.

How to Fix A Spray Bottle?

As stated above, the reasons for the malfunctioning of a spray bottle can be different. Therefore, the following are the reasons and solutions to fix the various parts of the spray bottle. Moreover, the following ceiling tips will help you repair your spray bottle.

1. Fixing The Spray Pump

You must know that the spray bottle contains a trigger or a pump. Most of the time, the spray bottle stops working because the spring that helps to pump the liquid out is broken or damaged. Now the question is if you can fix it or not. Well, it depends if the spring is damaged or the piston is malfunctioning. In case of a damaged spring or piston chamber, you should buy a new spray bottle because it is impossible to repair the broken spring.

Moreover, there are a lot of spray bottles that come with the latest feature of filtration. In short, the filter in the spray bottle removes the substances that contaminate the liquid. Although the filter in a spray bottle can be helpful, it can be a reason for the malfunctioning bottle. Sometimes, the large impurities can clog the filter, so as a result, the bottle fails to pump the liquid out. In such a case, you can clean the filter or replace it with the new one.

2. Fixing The Nozzle

If your bottle’s spraying pump is working fine, there is a high possibility that its nozzle is blocked. The blockage in the bottle’s nozzle depends on the type of liquid in the bottle. Many people store oil, hair spray, and other stuff in their spray bottles. These substances are capable of hardening and can block the nozzle.

You can remove this blockage by first loosening the nozzle. If it still does not work, I suggest removing the nozzle and rinsing it with warm water. Moreover, you can also clean the nozzle with alcohol or vinegar because these fluids contain chemicals that unclog the nozzle in less time. You can also clean the blocked nozzle by using a thin needle and inserting it into its holes. The blockage in the spray bottle’s nozzle is one of the common reasons why a spray bottle fails to pump the liquid out.

3. Fixing the Clutch

Another common reason a spray bottle stops working is the leakage because of the malfunctioned clutch. You must know that the spray bottle consists of a grip that prevents the leakage of the liquid by reducing the amount of the pumping fluid. Although a clutch plays a significant role in preventing leakage from the spray bottle, sometimes it fails to do its job, and as a result, the bottle fails to work.

In such a case, you can tie a rubber band at the bottle’s opening or cover this space entirely, leaving a small space for the tube. This process will stop the leakage of the fluid and provide the grip to the spray pump, helping it to work fine. If the liquid continues to leak, I recommend replacing your bottle with the new one.

4. Fixing The Tube

Last but not least, the tube of your spray bottle can be the reason your bottle fails to work. You must have noticed that when the liquid in the spray bottle reaches the end, the tube fails to pump it out. Similarly, it can cause malfunctioning in the bottle by not pumping the liquid to the piston. Sometimes the pipe gets clogged, and sometimes it fails to reach the bottom of the container.

You can resolve this issue by attaching a new tube with the older one. This process is effortless and less time-consuming. You can cut the older pipe to a certain length and connect a new one to it. Furthermore, you can buy a new tube a bit bigger than the older one to make the fitting easier. You can also tighten the pipes with the help of a small nut or tool.


Why is my pump sprayer not working?

There can be several reasons your pump sprayer isn’t working, but you can fix some of the problems at home. If your sprayer is not working, its nozzle might have a blockage, or the pump’s spring might be damaged.

How do you fix a spray bottle that will not spray?

There are various ways to fix a spray bottle that is not working. You can clean its nozzle, tighten its clutch, or lengthen its tube. In case of further malfunctioning, I recommend you purchase a new spray bottle.

How do you fix a broken spray nozzle?

Although you can unblock your spray bottle’s nozzle, it is impossible to repair a broken one. In short, you have to replace the spray pump with the new one.

What causes nozzle clogging?

Many people use spray bottles to store oils, hairsprays, and other fluids that can harden. These fluids cause clogging in the nozzle of the bottle. In some cases, the impure particles from the liquid block the filter, so the bottle fails to do its job.

How do you keep a sprayer from clogging?

You can prevent the blockage in the sprayer’s nozzle by cleaning it occasionally. In addition, you can use alcohol and vinegar to remove the blockage and poke a thin needle in its holes.


The above guide consists of all the solutions that will help you fix your spray bottle. It contains the details of how one can remove the blockage in the bottle’s nozzle. A spray bottle is a must-have tool in every house, but sometimes it fails to pump the fluid out. It can be because of a broken spring, a clogged filter or nozzle, or a short tube length. You can fix these issues at home because they are less time-consuming. If these solutions don’t work for your bottle, consider replacing it with a new one.

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