How To Measure An Undermount Sink

Updated on March 6, 2023

It seems awful and inconvenient when you order the wrong size of kitchen sink. In order to avoid such inconveniences and obnoxious experiences, it is very important that you carefully take measurements of the undermount sink. Varieties of different sinks for the kitchen are available in the market so you need proper guidance on how to measure an under-mount sink.

Well, in this article, I will tell you the easy way of taking measurements for an undermount sink so that you can get the right thing for installation. The compatible size of the kitchen sink is necessary to prevent water leakage and wastage. Read the article, to get the detailed information on undermount sinks to prevent unpleasant experiences.

How To Experience An Undermount Sink

Installing the right sink in your kitchen provides a fresh look rather than getting the wrong size of the undermount sink. If you are the one looking to buy an undermount sink for your kitchen then you are at the right place. Getting the best size of the sink that accurately gets fixed provides the best experience to the user.

Before you buy the new undermount sink it is necessary that you know how to take precise measurements. Now, many of you must have ordered the wrong size of the sink which may cause difficulty in fixing it and obviously makes it hard for you to use it. Many of you must be thinking about how to measure an undermount sink in order to get the best results.

Well, before you order one make sure that you take preparer measurements according to the requirements of the cabinet and countertop. This article will surely help you in getting the right measurements in order to minimize installation issues.

Importance of Measuring Kitchen Sink

Replacing a kitchen sink with the new one requires proper knowledge in order to prevent the wrong installation. If you are changing the kitchen sink for the first time then you should be extra conscious about it so as to prevent ordering the wrong size. At the start, you need to examine the place and then order the right sink size accordingly. Take a look and check the place where you are going to fix the undermount sink. Once the examination is done, you can take measurements through the following procedure.

Taking Measurements

Taking the right measurement for the proper installation of the undermount sink is quite necessary. Before you install the sink make sure that you replace the slap of the countertop too. For installing a counter hole you need to cut a hole accordingly. While cutting holes you need to be very careful so that you do not end up creating a mess. Before taking measurements you need the following products:

  • Measuring tape
  • Straightedge ruler
  • Flat, smooth surface
  • Pen and paper

Measuring Sink

Before you change or order the kitchen sink you need to measure the length by using a measuring tape. For proper measurements, you need to put the measuring tape on the edge of the counter. Use the tape so that you can take appropriate measurements. Note the measurements in order to get the right size of the sink. After measuring the length of the sink now you need to measure its width of it.

Again, put the measuring tape across the width and note down the measurements of it on the paper. Now, it’s time to measure the lip of the sink, which needs to be done carefully. You need to take the measurement of the sink from the edge and note the most appropriate reading.

To check the inner space of the sink you need to measure its height of it. Put the measuring tape inside and bring it to the top area for accurate height measurements. At last, you need to measure the hole by putting the measuring tape in a circular position and note the readings.


How do I measure for an undermount sink replacement?

To measure the undermount sink replacement you need the measuring tape to measure length, width, and height accordingly.

Are undermount sinks measured from the inside or outside?

To get an accurate measurement you need to take measurements from both sides.

How do I know if my undermount sink will fit?

To fit the undermount sink properly you need to take precise measurements for accurate installation.


I hope you have got some idea of how to measure an undermount sink in order to fix it properly and accurately. This guidance will surely let you buy the best and exact size undermount sinks. Taking proper measurements will let you get the best size sink for your kitchen.

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