What Is a Stove vs Range

Updated on March 12, 2023

What is the difference between a stove, oven, and a range? Many appliance makers use these phrases when talking about their products: an oven, a stovetop or cooktop (which can be open or closed), and the single equipment that includes both: a range or stove.

However, there are three distinct equipment that make up the range, stove, and oven conundrums. You can use this guide to learn more about these terminology and appliances.

What Is a Stove vs Range

What is a stove?

“A portable or stationary equipment that provides heat for warming or cooking” is what a stove is defined as in the Oxford English Dictionary. Fuels such as coal, oil, gas, wood or electricity are often used in the production of heat in cooking stoves. Heating chamber or box for some specific purpose, such as drying room or kiln for firing ceramics, is another definition for stoves.

While her mother was heating water on the stove as a child, her arm was accidentally burned.

As a verb, it implies “to treat with or subject to heat as in a stove,” as in the verbs “to stove” and “to stove.”

Stoves come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of needs. However, it is feasible to cook on a wood-burning stove, such as making s’mores or hot dogs (imagine marshmallows or hot dogs).

What is a range?

When used as a noun, adjective, or verb, “range” can take on a wide variety of connotations. To be more specific, a range can be defined as “a big portable or fixed cooking stove having burners built into the top surface and housing one or more ovens” when referring to a kitchen appliance.

So this is a heated chamber, usually seen in a kitchen, where someone bakes or roasts, and which commonly has burners on top for various sorts of cooking. This type of oven. For instance: A stainless steel range with a convection oven and five burners was purchased by the couple during their kitchen renovation.

How to use oven, stove, and range 

It’s not your fault if you think this is difficult. These three terms are not usually interchangeable in the appliance sector. When used in conjunction with an oven, a range is a combination stove and oven. An oven may bake or roast food, while a stovetop is a heating device (think cooktop or stovetop).

Despite the appliance industry’s strict restrictions, consumers may use these names interchangeably in more informal contexts. It’s common for individuals to refer to a range as either a stove or oven, depending on where they live and what they’re cooking.

Those who refer to the cooktop or stovetop as the stove may be perplexed by those who refer to the entire device as a stove. While Americans may refer to the stovetop as the “stove,” the term “hob” is more commonly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other parts of the British Isles.

Open cooking chambers like those in classic fairy tales were originally referred to as “hobs” (pronounced “hoobs”). A hob resembles a large cauldron set over an open fire in a fireplace.

Even after taking into consideration all of the possible variants, the two terms are sometimes incompatible. For instance: He increased the amount of wood in the stove as the weather deteriorated and the snow began to fall. Heating a room with this stove is possible.

As an example, the little girl had a hard time waiting for the cookies to bake in the oven (or stove) in everyday use.

What’s the Difference?

The basic kitchen appliance consisting of a stovetop and an oven is often referred to as a “range” or “stove” interchangeably. The phrase “ranges” can be beneficial while shopping for appliances, as they are commonly used by appliance sellers. When it comes to home heating appliances, “stove” can be used to describe old-fashioned wood-burning stoves, but “range” invariably refers to a cooking appliance.

What Is Considered a Stove

An oven and a stovetop are both included in a stove or range. Bake, roast and broil in the oven as you sear, boil, and stir-fry on the stovetop/cooktop in the kitchen.

Oven vs Stove: What’s the Difference?

An oven is a type of cooking appliance that uses hot air to cook food. The kitchen device that combines an oven and a stovetop is known as a stove or range. Bake, broil and roast your food in the oven as you cook on the stovetop (or cooktop) for things like sautéing, boiling and stirring-frying.

All stoves (or ranges) feature a built-in oven and stovetop, however wall ovens are also available as stand-alone units. One or two oven cavities can be added to wall ovens for additional capacity.

What Is the Difference Between a Stove and Burner

Burner, on the other hand, is a noun that refers to someone or something that emits heat via the process of burning fuel and hence differs from stove as a noun.

Range Oven vs. Wall Oven: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Each choice has advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences, available living space, and financial resources. As most wall ovens are set at eye level, the need to bend, kneel, or squat to insert or retrieve heavy food items is greatly reduced.

A range, on the other hand, is more visually appealing than a standard wall oven/cooktop. The wall oven-cooktop combo is likely to cost more than a separate oven and cooktop. It’s all about finding the kitchen tools that make your life easier, not the other way around.

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