How Do You Get Used to An Electric Stove

Updated on March 12, 2023

Gas burners are the norm in apartment kitchens, however electric stoves aren’t unheard of. There are a few things to keep in mind before you get started with these stoves, which are commonly seen in partial kitchens. If the electric stove in your first apartment is the first one you’ve ever used, the tips in the following section will help you get acclimated to it.

How Do You Get Used to An Electric Stove

Use two burners

When compared to gas stoves, electric stoves take longer to heat up. Because electric stoves take a long time to heat up, you may want to cook on two burners at the same time. Cooking at high temperatures, then lowering the heat to simmer, is where this desire comes into play.

How to Get Used to Your Electric Stove

When compared to gas stoves, electric stoves take longer to heat up. Because electric stoves take a long time to heat up, you may want to cook on two burners at the same time. Cooking at high temperatures, then lowering the heat to simmer, is where this desire comes into play.

Be careful not to burn yourself

Gas stoves involve a fire, whereas electric stoves don’t, therefore they appear to be less dangerous than their gas counterparts. It is also possible for electric burners to achieve very high temperatures. There are “hot surface” indication lights on some electric stoves to alert you to the fact that the surface is hot, whether you’re cooking or not.

When using an electric stove, avoid leaning over the burners. To avoid spills, set your pots and pans carefully on the burner so that their handles aren’t hanging off the edge. Finally, make sure to turn off the burner when not in use because it’s easier to forget to do so when there isn’t an obvious flame.

Preheat your burners

Electric stoves may reach extremely high temperatures, however it may take a while for a burner to reach its optimal temperature. To put it another way, some electric stoves can take 15 minutes or more to heat up. While you’re preparing your ingredients, you should pre-heat your stove.

Place your pot or pan on the burner, add any cooking oil or water, and then turn on the burner to adequately preheat your electric stove. Your stovetop should be warmed by the time you’ve gathered your ingredients.

how do you get used to cooking on an electric stove

Start cutting vegetables or seasoning meat on a low heat setting on your electric burner to get the most bang for your buck when cooking with an electric stove. Your pan should be ready to use by the time your meal is ready to be cooked.

How do you cook on an electric stove?

In order to cook on an electric stove, you simply switch on the dial to your preferred setting and get cooking. That is the sum total of the matter. For as long as you leave the stove on, it will maintain a constant temperature.

What Does an Electric Stove Do

Cooking and baking can be done on an electric stove or electric range, which has a built-in electrical heating device. An electric stove is a popular alternative to the more labor-intensive solid-fuel stoves (such as those powered by wood or coal).

When Did People Start Using Electric Stoves

The first electric stove was patented in 1896 by William Hadaway, and by the late 1920s, electric stoves were competing with gas stoves. For a variety of reasons, electric stoves have become increasingly popular.

How do electric stoves work

A flattened spiral coil is the distinguishing feature of electric stoves, which heats up as an electric current passes through it. While there is no visible flame, the coil’s glow gives away the amount of electricity flowing through it. Your utensils are immediately heated by these coils.

Exposed or concealed coils can be found on electric stovetops, depending on the model and the manufacturer’s preference. It works the same way, but the heat is sent to your pots and pans by first radiating into the glass.

Because glass-ceramic has a limited heat conductivity, the heat is concentrated in the cooking area and does not spread out to the remainder of the cooktop surface. An electric range that includes a stovetop and an oven can be purchased for those who enjoy baking.


  • Conveniently accessible for cleaning
  • Efficient in terms of energy consumption
  • Installing and using it is a breeze.
  • Because there are no flames, it is safer to use.
  • Stylish look


  • Food preparation takes longer.
  • The process of lowering body temperature takes some time.
  • Without electricity, this does not work.
  • Flat-bottomed pots and pans are the ideal for this recipe.
  • Scratches and cracks are a possibility.

Why you should buy an electric stove

  • There is less heat dissipation into the surrounding environment since the electric burner is flat, allowing direct contact with the bottom of the utensils.
  • The kitchen stays significantly cooler because the electric stoves don’t produce much ambient heat.
  • Electric stoves with smooth tops are a breeze to keep clean. The mess on the stove can be easily cleaned up after it has cooled. Inexperienced cooks would like the fact that they offer a more steady cooking surface.
  • A gas stove is more difficult to set up than an electric stove. Once you plug it into a power outlet, it’s ready to begin cooking.

Electric Stove vs Induction

However, induction and smooth top electric stoves are significantly different in their heating mechanisms. Conduction heat is transferred to the cookware on an electric stove via heated coils.

However, induction cooktops generate heat by harnessing electromagnetic energy from the cookware itself, unlike gas or electric cooktops. This is because the stove passes an alternating current through the utensils that generate heat. This means that even when the stove is turned on, it remains ice cold to the touch, and only the cookware becomes warm.

Cookware made of iron or stainless steel can only be used on induction cooktops because they enable the current to flow through them. The only way to use induction cooking with aluminium, copper, or glass cookware is if the pan has a magnetic bottom. This implies that in addition to purchasing a new stove, you may also need to buy new cookware.

Induction is more expensive than gas and electric stoves.

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