Can You Put Tupperware In The Freezer?

Updated on March 6, 2023

Can You Put Tupperware In The Freezer?

Tupperware is used for storing and packing food. However, these containers are suitable to be kept in the freezer for extending the shelf life of the stored food item. Furthermore, you can easily use either glass or plastic Tupperware comfortably without worrying about anything. However, you should be mindful while using the glass Tupperware due to sudden temperature changes, as it can cause breakage and cracks in the container.

In case you want to store or freeze food in glass Tupperware, make sure that it is kept at room temperature. Do not keep warm or hot glass Tupperware containers in the freezer. On the other hand, while taking the container out of the freezer, first defrost it in cold water and then bring it to room temperature before transferring it into the oven. Moreover, there is Tupperware available in the market that is freezer-safe, having a snowflake symbol at the bottom side.

These types of Tupperware are generally constructed from durable and tough plastic material that you can use to store and pack your food items safely into the freezer without worrying about cracks and breakage. In order to prevent the Tupperware from freeze-burn, you just have to cover your food item with freezer bags, plastic wraps, or aluminum foil before placing it into the Tupperware. Due to the extra protective layer, the taste of the food remains the same and is also protected from the dreaded freezer burn.

Freezing Tupperware Bowls

Freezing Tupperware bowls depends upon the type of bowl that you are using. If the bowl is marked with the freeze-safe symbol below then you can safely freeze it. If there is no symbol present at the bottom of the bowl then try to wrap the food or any other snack item with extra plastic wrap or aluminum foil before storing them in the Tupperware bowl in order to prevent the food from freezing-burn and restore their original taste.

Is Tupperware Microwave Safe?

Yes, Tupperware is microwave safe. They can be used in the microwave because they are constructed from high-quality and durable plastic that makes them entirely safe. However, do not trust fully all types of materials as they cannot be used in the microwave. While talking about the plastic that is used to construct the Tupperware, it is highly safe and is itself testified and proven to be used safely in the microwave and kept in the freezer.


How can you tell if Tupperware is freezer safe?

If your Tupperware is equipped with the snowflake symbol then it means that it’s freezer-safe. However, if there is no symbol present below the container then avoid keeping it in the freezer for preventing cracks and breakage.

What container materials should never be put in the freezer?

Glass containers filled with liquid are avoided to be kept in the freezer as they can explode. Furthermore, as the liquids start to contract and expand when placed in the freezer, it is recommended not to store them in any plastic or glass container in order to prevent explosion or damage.

What is the safest material to freeze food in?

Heavy plastic wraps, aluminum foil, parchment paper, or heavy freezer-weight plastic bags are the best choices for freezing food. Furthermore, you can also freeze meat and other poultry items safely by wrapping them with the above materials. However, wrap the food items with a thin layer in order to allow airflow.


Tupperware is the safest and most reliable option that you can safely keep in the freezer without worrying about cracks and damage. Furthermore, the Tupperware is constructed from high-quality and tough plastic material, making it freezer-safe and microwave safe. However, you have to check the symbol of the snowflake below the container as it shows that it can be kept in the freezer safely. If the symbol is not there then try to avoid keeping that container in order to prevent damage and cracks.

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