Is Corelle Microwave Safe?

Updated on March 6, 2023

You will definitely not want your cherished Corelle kitchenware to get shattered in the microwave, as this will not only damage your kitchen set but your microwave as well. This can occur if you have put a non-microwavable utensil in a microwave or have exceeded the time and temperature that the makers suggest. So, it is crucial to know whether the glass dish, bowl, ceramic plates, or mugs that you are using to toss your food into the microwave is suitable to be used in the electromagnetic field that is created within the microwave.

Corelle kitchenware is a sign of elegance and safety for its users as the products have no harmful toxins, provide top quality products that can last for a long time, and bear the heat that it is exposed to during their usage. The products by Corelle don’t shatter, crack, or blur easily. The manufacturing procedure and experience that the makers have, contribute to the performance and longevity of their products. After all these qualities you might think that can you microwave them or not. Here I have gathered all the information that can help you find that is Corelle microwave safe.

Is Corelle Microwave Safe?

Yes, Corelle is microwave safe. Whether you have got yourself Corelle plates, mugs, cups, or dishes all of them can be used to put food in the microwave. As microwaves have radiation that is powerful enough to make your food warm, so you should be a little careful. There are some limitations that you should keep in mind when it comes to the effective heating of food in the microwave. Not all Corella products are made up of the same material which can cause the problem that they can differ in their microwavable ability. You should not exceed 175-celsius temperature and time, as the risk still lies.

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind?

There can be factors apart from microwavable kitchenware, that can affect the heating or compatibility of your dish inside the microwave oven. These factors need to be controlled not only in the case of Corelle but while using other microwavable products. You should keep these things in mind, so you can use your Corelle cookware for a longer duration and effectively without getting any damage. Here are some factors responsible.

  • The temperature that you have selected to be provided to your food by the microwave should not be more than 175 celsius, as high temperatures can make the utensil crack or damaged.
  • The amount of food can also affect the heating up of the utensil that you have used. If you have put a mug or plate that has not more than half of it filled with food or liquid, the radiation will get more contact with the dish and in turn, the dish will heat up.
  • The condition of the dish, plate, or mug also plays an important role. If your dish is wet, then things can get dangerous as moisture or water can get warm up quickly. The more radiation is absorbed, the more heated the dish gets, and the more chance is that your dish can split into two.
  • It is not recommended by the makers to use the Corelle utensils for more than a minute inside the microwave. This means that you can warm your food or defrost it, but you cannot cook mug cakes or other recipes with the help of the Corelle.

Do All The Corelle Products Have The Same Microwavable Properties?

The thing that makes people adore Corelle is that whether it is glass or ceramic products all can be used in microwave ovens. The glass utensils are resistant to heat and breakage because of the triple layer. Vitrelle has a thick glass that is sandwiched between two layers of thin glass. This makes the glass more durable, resistant, and tough. Whereas the porcelain mugs and stone cups can also be used to microwave liquids until they have been dried completely before use.


You can put Corelle utensils in the microwave at a temperature of 175 celsius and take them out within one minute. The glass, ceramic, stone, or porcelain material does not break but can get heated if you put it in empty kitchenware for a longer time and at a higher temperature setting. You should make sure that the dish or mug is dry and filled with sufficient amounts of food or liquid. I hope that now you have got the answer to the question of whether is Corelle microwave safe or not.

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