How To Clean Green Pan?

Updated on March 9, 2023

We all know that cooking has a therapeutic effect on us. Imagine going into your kitchen to make a nice meal and finding out that your green pan is extremely carbonized. You will surely don’t want to waste your ingredients, time, and efforts to let it all stick to the pan and burn. This calls for deep cleaning. Don’t know how to clean green pan efficiently? I have got you covered as it can be easier than you have ever thought it to be. Currently, green pans are dominating the market especially because of their healthy cooking features and the lesser cooking time that it provides the users.

Even though these pans have many exceptional qualities, the extra proneness to carbonization is a troublesome issue with green pans. These stains can get more demanding, resistant, and difficult to get rid of. But it’s never too late as there are various methods to clean these pans. Whether the spots and stains are from burning or carbonization, you just have to go through these steps and have a completely clean and shining green pan. Instead of aggressively scrubbing the pan that can lead to damage and lower your pan life, so you should be careful and follow the right procedure. Scroll down for details.

Why Are Green Pans A Better Choice?

The use of polytetrafluoroethylene coated non-stick pans is history because of the health risk that the perfluorooctanoic acid in it causes to human life. A new type of cooking pan has taken over the market to provide users with a non-stick finish and that too without any injurious chemical components in it. Green pans are environment-friendly, less hazardous, and also aid you in cooking more conveniently. Although you can also opt for cast iron pans for healthy cooking, they are heavier, need more heat energy, and are liable to rust quickly if not taken care of.

So, green pans are the most popular and cherished utensils out there. A few years back the PTFE pans were famous among immature as well as professional cooks. Later it was revealed that PFOA in it makes the food cooked unhealthy for you. Now as the whole world is focused on healthier and less chemical-based options, green pans are definitely a better choice. The ceramic coating has no toxins or deadly chemicals in it. You just have to keep it clean and you won’t even have to get a new one for around two years.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning A Green Pan?

Your cooking pan is one of the most used utensils in your kitchen as from scrambled eggs to mouth-watering steaks all can be cooked on it. It must be clean and containment free in order to help you cook delicious and healthy food for your loved ones. Apart from hygiene, there are many other benefits that you will get from keeping your green pan clean. You will definitely not want to have the burnt taste in every snack you make using your green pan. Here I have listed some of the benefits that will make you feel more motivated to keep your green pan always clean and sparkling.

1. The most obvious benefit of keeping the green pan clean is that there will be no food leftover to rot and allow bacteria’s grow on your green pan. So the food you cook in these pans will be absolutely hygienic and healthy.

2. The food will surely be tastier when made in a clean green pan as there will be no remains of the previously cooked food, carbonized spots, or burnt stains on it. If the pan will be carbonized then no matter what you cook it will have an unusual taste to it.

3. To maintain the non-stick capacity of the green pan you will not only have to clean the green pan but will also have to maintain this spot-free texture to increase the lifespan of the ceramic coating on these cooking pans.

4. You can make your pan last a few months longer if it is kept clean properly. If the cleaning process takes place ritually, there is a lesser chance of stubborn stains. Hence there is no need for scrubbing. As there will be no scrubbing there will be no damage and in turn, the green pan will last longer than expected.

How To Clean Green Pan?

Whether it is a burnt green pan or just a carbonized one, both may seem impossible to clean, but with the use of correct materials, you can do it on your own with a little effort. If a green pan is used every day in the kitchen or if the flame of the stove is kept high then it is likely for a green pan to get dirty more often. The worst mistake a user can ever make is to use harsh scrubbing tools on the ceramic coating of the green pans. The core of these pans is the coating. If it wears off then the pan loses its non-stick ability. The food will now stick similar to that in a cast iron pan. Let’s sink into the details.

1. The Basic Cleaning Procedure

The most basic and easiest cleaning method of a green pan is not other than the one which is used as standard procedure in all houses. The only thing to keep in mind while cleaning a green pan is that there should be no use of metal wool or iron sponge as the ceramic layer will not be able to bear the harshness of these cleaning tools and get damaged. this will make the green pan wear off quickly.

So, you will have to get a hold of a restoring sponge, dishwashing liquid, and slightly warm water. Rinse the pan, apply the cleaning foam, and rinse it again. The green pan will definitely now have a clean space for the food to be cooked. But do make sure that there are no stubborn stains left. This basic method will work as the first step in all of the upcoming advanced cleaning methods.

2. Heat Treatment

Heat and moisture can loosen up stubborn stains, so giving it a try is truly worth it. Most of the green pans are marked and have stains because of high flame or carbonization. If you continue to cook in such a stained pan then things will get worse as the dirt will build up and the food will get sticked again and again. For such slightly stubborn stains, you will have to first wash the pan with a soapy solution and water.

Then just add three cups of water to the green pan, you can increase or decrease the amount of water according to your preference. But it is important that the stains and marks are drawn in the water. Turn the flame on and let the water in the pan boil. This will decrease the rigidity of the stains. You have to pour the water out after 3 minutes and use foam to clean the stains effortlessly.

3. Chemical Interventions

There are many chemicals that act as a booster for cleaning agents like detergent and dishwashing liquids. You can add them in solutions and your job is much easier than ever before. The most simple method is to make a solution of salt and water. Simply in a half cup of water make a concentrated solution having about four tablespoons of salt in the water.

Pour the solution into the green pan and with the help of the scrubbing side of the foam scrub the stubborn marks, so they will vanish in a few seconds after you have scrubbed all of the sides of it. You can also add the solution of white vinegar and baking soda. This mixture makes these stubborn stains go away. You will have to put the soapy solution in the pan and then add the vinegar and baking soda. The potential of the detergent’s stain-breaking ability increases.


How do you get burnt oil off a GreenPan?

The deadly combination of soapy solution, baking soda, and white vinegar can remove any mark and stain in no time. The soapy dishwashing solution is the basic stain cutting solution but its effect is enhanced when you add baking soda and that too along with white vinegar. When you combine the soda and vinegar a white emulsion will appear to make sure that this foam-like solution covers the stain and later wipe it off.


I hope that now you know what different types of methods can be used and how to clean green pan effectively. There can be just a few bread crumbs, a little puree left on the pan, sticky carbonization, or burn marks on your green pan. The more you delay the cleaning of the green pan, the more it becomes difficult. You can clean your pan by using soap and water solution, by boiling the pan, by using vinegar and soda solution, or with the help of salt and water solution easily. You can try all of these to make your green pan better than before.

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