How To Get A Wrinkler In Cookie Clicker

Updated on March 9, 2023

Different varieties of video games are available on the internet but sometimes playing games with different content makes you feel relaxed. Now, you must be wondering what kind of game will relieve your stress. Well, Cookie Clicker is one of the best video games that you can play where you have to bake a giant delicious cookie. In this game, the player can rule the universe by baking a large number of cookies.

The secret to baking more cookies in Cookie Clicker is Winkler, which is one of the best features that help you in the production of cookies. I know you must be very curious to know how to get a wrinkler in a Cookie Clicker so that you can make a crazy amount of cookies. In this article, I will tell you how you can rule in Cookie Clicker, how to get wrinkles in Cookie Clicker, and how wrinkler benefits the player. Read the article to know the secrets of Cookie Clickers in order to enjoy a smooth gaming session.

How To Get A Wrinkler In Cookie Clicker

In today’s time, people are mostly involved in playing games in order to feel good and get free from stress. A large list of online games is available where people can enjoy playing games with their friends too. Most people like to play fighting games where they can kill their enemies and rule the world. Fighting sometimes depresses players when they are not able to conquer their enemy.

Well, if you are already downhearted and looking for an easy game to relax your mind then my suggestion would be to play Cookie Clicker. Before you start playing Cookie Clicker it is important that you know the secrets of the game in order to make new achievements easily. The special feature of this game is Wrinkler, which makes your success easy by letting you make enormous amounts of cookies in less time.

I know you must be thinking about how you will get wrinkles in the Cookie Clicker and what’s the method of using it. However, there is a technique of using wrinkler in the game as it increases your cookie production. Well, there is nothing to worry about as this article will solve all the mysteries and puzzles regarding Cookie Clicker revolving around your mind.

Wrinkler In Cookie Clicker

Before I tell you how to get wrinkles in a Cookie Clicker, it is important to know how useful it is. While you are baking cookies wrinkler appears in the game and starts moving towards the cookies. It crawls towards the cookie and tries to eat it, which obviously affects your cookie production. Wrinklers usually appear during Grandmapocalypse, which is a leech-like small creatures heading toward the cookie in order to feed upon it.

Wrinklers appear in a circle and slowly move towards the big cookie so as to nourish themselves. If the wrinklers attack your cookie then simultaneously they will destroy 5% of your cookie, which will definitely decrease the cookie production. In order to make more cookies and to prevent the wrinklers from destroying them, you repeatedly need to click and pop the wrinklers.

Wrinkler reduces the production of cookies per second, so by clicking the wrinkler each time your cookie production will be increased per second. This means that popping one wrinkler will cause a 1-time increase in cookie production. Similarly, you have to pop more wrinkles in order to get great production cookies.

Wrinkler Helps In Production Of Cookie

Well, wrinklers come to eat cookies in order to feed themselves but it affects the process of cookie production. Well, if the players want to save the cookie and want to produce a large number of cookies then they need to pop or explode the wrinkler. If the player pops up 1 wrinkler it will enhance the cookie production by 1 time.

If the wrinklers destroy your cookie by 5% then more wrinklers will come to attack the cookie at the same time, which will 2 times decrease the cookie production. Also, you can use Elder spice, which will attract more wrinklers, and by popping them all you can increase your cookie production per second. If more wrinklers will attack your cookie then popping each wrinkler will increase the 1 percent of cookie production.

The golden Shiney Wrinklers will also appear in the game, which will reward you 3 percent of cookie production after you explode them. The maximum number of wrinklers appearing at the same time is 10, which means that popping them all will increase cookie production 10 times. Well, it’s up to you how many wrinkles you pop at the time in order to increase the production of your cookie.


What happens when you pop a wrinkler in a Cookie Clicker?

Whenever you pop a wrinkler in Cookie Clicker, it increases the cookie production per second.

How much do Wrinklers give?

Wrinklers in Cookie Clickers help to increase cookie production by 1 percent. Popping 1 wrinkler will give you a 1-time increase in cookie production.

Should I pop my shiny wrinkler?

Yes, you should pop up shiny wrinkles as it gives a 3 percent reward for cookie production.


I hope that now you have got a clear idea of wrinklers in Cookie Clickers. Wrinklers drop eggs during Easter, and Halloween season, which gives you bonus points after popping the wrinklers. Now, you can pop wrinklers to get the achievement of cookies per second. Well, it’s time to play Cookie Clicker and get the most exciting gaming experience.

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