How To Install A Bidet Spray

Updated on March 9, 2023

Do you want to install a bidet spray within minutes? The handheld bidet spray is cheaper and simple to use. This mechanical spray has a nozzle attached next to the water closet. It is made for cleaning the perineum, genitalia, and other hidden parts of the body. But thanks to the mobility feature which enables it to clean toilet walls and floor.

The handheld bidet sprays provide more hygiene as compared to the toilet-mounted bidets. These bidets are not only beneficial for hygiene but for other jobs such as cleaning reusable diapers. Anyhow, when it comes to bidet spray installation, professionals will cost you $120 to 150 dollars. But installation is pretty easy, you can install it within 15 to 20 minutes. To save your money, here are the 8 simple steps for installing the handheld bidet spray.

How To Install A Bidet Spray

Please note: before we dig into details, the information mentioned below is all about the installation and assembly of the handheld bidet spray. Follow all of the instructions carefully and do not skip any step. As well as, before you start the first step, read the instructions given by the manufacturer. The steps will provide you only guidance but manufacturer instruction can tell precautions you should follow before installation.

8 Easy Steps To Install A Bidet Spray

Step 1

The first step you need to take towards installing a handheld bidet spray is to open and check out the box. Make sure that all the parts are present in the box. If you find something missing then call the manufacturer. You can find the manufacturer’s contact number on the back of your bidet spray box. The handheld bidet spray box contains these mentioned parts.

  • Handle sprayer
  • T-valve
  • Teflon tape
  • Spray holder
  • Sprayer hose
  • Gaskets
  • Anchors
  • Screws

Step 2

Fortunately, you have all the parts of bidet spray. The second task you are required to do is to turn off the water. If you have a shut-off valve, you can effortlessly turn the valve in a clockwise direction and stop the water. Then drain the water before you disconnect the line. Once the line is empty, flush the toilet to drain the water tank. Because the water is correctly turned off when you do not hear the sound of water going into the tank. If you do not hear the water flowing, it means you have turned it off correctly.

Step 3

Now you have to detach the water line. Start removing the screws of the water line from the base of the toilet tank. Here is something you must keep in mind. Sometimes when we unscrew the toilet tank foundation. The water starts leaking and we are unable to stop. To prevent such conditions, you should have a bucket and a rag. In case of water leakage, you can use the bucket.

Step 4

You have nicely detached the water line. The fourth step is to locate the T-valve. The top nut of the T-connector will go against the base of the toilet on threads. Once you set the gasket washers with the top nut, start screwing the net with the threads in the bottom of the tank. The nut is easy to tighten without any tool. But for stopping the water leakage, you should use a hand wrench. There is a valve on the right side of the T-connector. Handheld bidet spray manufacturers recommend turning off this valve after use for the maximum service life of the bidet spray.

Step 5

After tightening the T-connector property, you are required to attach the water line. The valve is on the right side of the T-connector and the threads for attaching the water line are opposite to the water tank. Well, there are several other settings of the T-connector, all you need is to identify the threads for the water line. Now start tightening the nut of the water line on the threads. Make sure you tighten the nut properly. Because if you are unable to tighten it correctly, the water will begin leaking.

Step 6

Check the water line is attached correctly. If the answer is “yes”, then you need to connect the flexible spray line. For this purpose, you need to find the location of the threads for the sprayer hose. Most probably, the threads for the sprayer hose are opposite to the valve of the T-connector. In simple words, check out the right side of the T-connector. Now start tightening one end of the sprayer hose.

If you are uncomfortable with a hand wrench because of space deficiency, you can do this task with your hands. Once the sprayer hose has been installed, connect the other end of the nozzle with the hose. And then start tightening the sprayer and you have successfully installed a handheld bidet spray within 20 minutes. Now the shower has been installed you can test it.

Step 7

But before you jump into a testing session, there is something you skipped. Open the box of the bidet spray and you will find a strong steel holder for hanging the handheld bidet spray. Now hang the holder in a convenient position, where you can easily approach it. Once you place the holder, you are ready to use the handheld bidet spray.

Step 8

Now turn on the valve and fill the water tank of the toilet. Compress the trigger pointing the bidet sprayer at the toilet bowl. Keep pressing the trigger and check out any leaks coming from the valve, hose, or spray. As well as, turn off and on the valve located on the right side of the T-connector.

Installing a bidet spray is a pretty easy task. But it can cause some problems. Such as leakages and insufficient water pressure. This is because when you are loosening and tightening the nuts. You leave some space between the nuts and bolts. Or sometimes the old threads are unable to hold the new nuts.

Do not worry about the nuts and bolts. Just test your handheld bidet spray. If you find something wrong, leakages, anonymous sound, improper water flow. It means you did not tighten the nuts properly. I recommend a hand wrench for tightening nuts properly. Hand wrenches are simple to use and for small nuts and bolts, these wrenches provide a good job. Well, it depends on the user, if he uses a hand wrench or tight all the nuts with his hands.

Handheld Bidet VS Seat Bidet

Both the handheld bidet sprays and the seat bidets are used for the same purpose. But when it comes to their features, both of these hygiene materials are different. The seat bidet comes with many features as compared to the handheld bidet spray. They are electric and provide you with different water pressure levels. On the other hand, handheld bidet sprays are known for their simplicity and work manually. Let’s talk about both of these bidets in detail.


The electric seat bidets are a little hard to install as compared to the handheld bidet sprays. As well as, you need an electric connection. Instead, the handheld bidet sprays are required 15 to 20 minutes maximum for installation. All you need is to attach the hose of spray with the T-connector and you are done.

Water Pressure

The most crucial difference between the handheld bidet sprays and seat bidets is the pressure of the water. If you have an electric seat bidet, you can set different water pressure levels. In contrast, handheld bidet sprays are mechanical. The pressure depends on the water tank and the amount of water. These bidets do not provide different pressure levels. But you can set the pressure by turning the valve direction.

User Friendliness

The handheld bidet sprays are easy to manage and do not cost high installation. These sprays provide you with a trigger, so you can push it and clean whatever you want. Handheld bidet sprays are used for cleaning the floor or walls of the toilet. On the other hand, seat bidets are a little different from hand-held bidets. They provide you with 6 to 7 buttons for various functions. But If you do not know how to use these functions, you are unable to use them.

Electricity Consumption

The handheld bidet sprays do not consume electricity. They are mechanical and they work with the help of air pressure. But the electric seat bidets consume more electricity than your imagination. Well, it does not mean the electric seat bidets are not good enough as compared to handheld bidet sprays. These bidets are convenient. You do not need to move and push the trigger of the bidet. You just need to press a button and you are done with the cleaning.


The last and most significant factor is price. The electric seat bidets are expensive as compared to the handheld bidet sprays. Because the electric seat bidet comes with so many different features. In contrast, the handheld bidet spray does not provide many features. So, it is cheaper than the seat bidets. Plus, you need professionals for the installation of electric bidets. After calculating all the expenditures, it cost you three times more than the handheld bidets spray.


It is hard to determine which one of these two bidets is durable. Anyhow, seat bidets are considered more durable as opposed to handheld bidets. But these bidets do not work without electricity. In contrast, handheld bidet sprays do not need electricity and provide 7 to 9 years of lifespan. Well, both of these bidets are equally durable.

Which One Is The Winner?

Both the handheld and the electric seat bidets have some pros and cons. But it does not mean one surpasses the other. The fact is handheld bidet sprays are cheaper, easy to install and use, and do not consume electricity. On the other hand, the electric seat bidets provide you with many features such as smart control and have more service life as compared to the handheld bidet sprays. Plus, you just need to push a button and it will start the cleaning process.

But if you still want to know the winner, then I will vote for hand-held bidets. Not because they are cheaper and easy to install. But because you can use hand-held bidet spray for cleaning the floor and walls. On the other hand, the electric seat bidet does not provide mobility features. Well, it also depends on the users. If you have old folks at your home, then you should install an electric seat bidet. But if you want some cheaper, easy to manage and moveable bidets then go for handheld bidet sprays.


Can I install a bidet myself?

Yes, you can install a handheld bidet spray by following the above 8 steps. Just read the instructions on the bidet manual before you start the installation process.

Do bidet toilets need electricity?

The electric seat bidets consume electricity. you need an electric connection if you are using an electric seat bidet. But the handheld bidet sprays are easy to use. These bidets are entirely mechanical. You can use them without electricity.

How long do bidets last?

A bidet’s service life is about 7 to 9 years if you take proper care of it. It also depends on the brand and type of bidet you are using.

How do you dry after using a bidet?

If you are using an electric seat bidet, you just need to press a button for drying. But for the handheld bidet sprays, you need toilet paper to dry after using the bidet.

Is it worth getting a bidet?

Yes, the electric seat bidet provides you with hot and cold water. Research has shown that it eliminates all chances of urinary infection.


There are different varieties of bidets. Such as electric handheld bidet sprays, electric seat bidets, or mechanical handheld bidet sprays. The handheld bidet spray requires less time for installation as compared to the others. It provides you with a better cleaning experience. It is inexpensive and has 9 years of lifespan. All you need is a hand wrench. You can effortlessly install the handheld bidet within 15 to 20 minutes. The above 8 steps will help you to install the spray.

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