Is Crystal Geyser Water Good?

Updated on March 6, 2023

You must have heard that a crystal geyser is water that originally comes from a tap. If this is why you have researched if the Crystal geyser water is good or not then you have come to the right place because I am going to elaborate on the details of the Crystal geyser brand and from where their water comes and whether it is good or not. Well, a crystal geyser is one of the most popular bottled water brands that are highly popular among most users.

But what confuses the users is the truth that this water comes from a tap. Well, it’s true. The fresh-looking pure water in the blue neat and clean water bottle is the water filled from the regular old tap. Answering the question of whether crystal geyser water is good or not is somehow difficult and a tough question to answer in one word. But let us look into what details we have in the description below so that you can conclude about the wellness of the Crystal geyser water on your own.

Is Crystal Geyser Water Good?

There is no fixed answer to this question but what we can say is that crystal geyser water is good for some people and is not good for others ones. It depends on their taste and the effects of water on their health. Some of the users say that it is one of the tastiest water they have ever drunk and others say that there is no difference between this water and other regular water bottles. Let us now look into what kind of water crystal geyser is and why most people say to avoid this water.

What Is Crystal Geyser Water?

Crystal geyser water is one of the natural fresh and sparkling water that comes from geysers in Sierra Nevada foothills of California. This is is because the presence of high mineral and beneficial compounds content is one of the most popular drinking water that is loved by most people. It is said to be artesian water. And artesian water is the water that comes from a well, actually from the tap originating from one of the natural underground sources.

Is a Crystal Geyser Good For Your Health?

There are so many electrolytes and minerals that are present in the Crystal geyser water ultimately resulting in making them one of the beneficial water for your health. Moreover, the presence of beneficial bacteria in the Crystal geyser water makes this crystal geyser water beneficial and advantageous for the health of the intestine. Moreover, since it comes from the original natural underground source, it is one of the freshest pure water you can ever have.

Is A Crystal Geyser Harmful?

There are some harmful effects of Crystal geyser water. And one of the most common is the presence of high levels of Arsenic and high levels of acidity. The presence of elevated levels of acidity in the water can damage teeth and internal organs. Most people still avoid drinking crystal geyser water. In addition to all of these, because it is tap water, it can easily be polluted with manganese and iron.

Why Should You Avoid The Crystal Geyser Water?

The research on this water told the researchers that it has high levels of arsenic compound in it. The presence of harmful levels of arsenic mainly results in several diseases and multiple harmful effects on your body. It is one of the most harmful carcinogens that can give you various types of cancer such as lung cancer, skin cancer, and some of the time bladder cancer. So the researcher concluded that due to the presence of this harmful arsenic compound, you should avoid drinking crystal geyser water.

Alkalinity Of Crystal Geyser Water

The pH value of Crystal geyser water is 6.9 which is just below the middle level that is 7. The pH scale is used for calculating the acidic nature and alkaline nature of the substance. Those substances that are acidic have lower levels of pH and those substances that are basic have high levels of pH value.

The pH of the water varies according to the source it originated from. A water pH level below 6.5 is said to be acidic and a water pH value above 8.5 is said to be basic. For this crystal geyser water, we have a pH value of 6.9 which is just below the middle level of 7. It means that the water based on pH value is ideal for drinking purposes.

Crystal Geyser Water Recall

In April and the year 2018, the Crystal geyser company recalled its water bottles around the world, after they discovered that there was a high level of arsenic in the delivered water. Texas, Colorado, and California are the three countries where that affected water was sold. Although arsenic is one of the naturally occurring components present in drinking water, its presence up to a certain limit is affordable.

If the arsenic crosses that limit and becomes high in the ratio in the natural water, it results in making the overall water harmful and damaging to your health. I am going to enlist some of the symptoms that result after drinking water with high levels of arsenic compound in it. This includes nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. In case you have only taken the water and you notice these symptoms in your body then there are chances that the water you have drunk had high levels of arsenic in it. Consult your doctor as soon as possible.


Is crystal geyser water good quality?

There are so many minerals and electrolytes that are naturally occurring in the Crystal geyser water making them healthy. This water comes with a fresh and pure taste because it originated from a natural underground source. This Crystal geyser water is one of the most complicated waters that is known to have high levels of Arsenic and high levels of acidity. There is no direct answer to this question. What you have to do is to keep in mind that it may have high levels of arsenic that results in giving you complicated health issues such as cancer in the lungs, skin, or bladder area.

Is there a problem with Crystal Geyser Water

We can say yes there is a problem with Crystal geyser water. This is because the company it belongs to does not clarify its treatment process. Instead, they tell the users that it comes from a natural source and is genuinely obtained from a tap. This makes the users confused because most of the tap water can come in contact with manganese and iron which can result in making the drinking water harmful to the body. Moreover, the crystal geyser water after coming under research was known to have high levels of Arsenic which may make it one of the most harmful waters to drink.

Is Crystal Geyser or Aquafina better?

When it comes to taste the Crystal geyser defeats Aquafina. Most users prefer crystal geysers because of their fresh and pure taste. Moreover, it is comparatively more affordable than other bottled water options available. So if you are looking for whether a crystal geyser is better or Aquafina is better, I will recommend you to go with a Crystal geyser because of its fresh, pure taste and affordable price.

Final Thoughts

Is crystal geyser water good or not? We cannot tell you a short answer. This is because some people found this crystal geyser water one of the best purest and fresher water available for drinking purposes. On the other hand, people are complaining about the sour taste in the water because of the presence of arsenic compounds in it.

Moreover when the crystal geyser water was tested the results showed that it had high levels of arsenic which is one of the most harmful products. The arsenic compound can cause cancer in the body. There are different observations when it comes to Crystal geyser water, so we cannot directly answer this question with a yes or no. This above-mentioned article tells you about both the positive and harmful effects of Crystal geyser water so you can finalize on your own whether it is good drinking water or bad.

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